We know that the sex of a baby is determined at conception but ultrasounds will not pick this up until at least 16 weeks at the earliest. Most places will tell you the gender after 20 weeks as it is more accurate and the genitals are clear to see but there are some couples who prefer not to know and like the thrill of a surprise. There are many experts who claim to be able to sway the gender of an unborn child by the mother and fathers diet and lifestyle changes, but it is not an accurate way to choose a specific sex of a child nor is it 100% fail proof.

If you absolutely need to know the sex of a baby before 20 weeks the only way to know for sure is to have a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test that will tell you whether the child is a boy or a girl. But this test has high risks of miscarriage so is not advised or recommended for checking the sex of a baby but for checking for genetic disorders such as downs’ syndrome.

All this is set to change after scientists have developed a new test that can tell you the sex of the baby as soon as 7 weeks after conception. The test has proven to be 99% accurate with it readily available in Israel, United States of America and some European countries. It is simply a blood test that checks for the male and female chromosomes in the mothers’ blood.

Anti abortion campaigners are outrages at this decision as they say many cultures that prefer male children to female will now opt for this test to make sure the mother-to-be is carrying the specific gender. Although there are two sides’ medical reasons for this test are also viable, such as abnormalities that run in family and are most likely to be passed onto a specific gender. Currently an abortion performed on the grounds of sex is not permitted anywhere, if a woman was to terminate a pregnancy on the grounds of this it would have to be illegally.

As this test and others very similar to it have been around for some there hasn’t been a link to having this test and aborting the foetus due to gender preferences. We can only hope that this new test will not caused more gendercide where extreme levels of female foetuses have been aborted in places such as India and China that the new generation are finding it harder to find a partner.