Asos maternity clothes review

Most pregnant women will need to get some maternity clothing during some stage of pregnancy, the lucky ones will only start needing bigger and looser clothing in the last trimester but those who need maternity clothes sooner like me will find that it’s not so easy to find what you’re looking for.

There are many high street brands that cater for maternity clothing with the most popular being, Next, Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, New Look and H&M. That’s quite a selection but what I found was that not all stores have a maternity section inside so there aren’t that many places to shop for maternity clothing, only larger stores have a small section for maternity wear. When you look online it’s a different story, there are many different outfits and styles of clothing to choose from but they are not available in all stores and finding out which stocks what is just too time consuming.

I have resorted to buying all my maternity clothes online, yes it is risky because of sizing and material quality but I have been to all different shopping centres and still cannot find a store that has a selection for me to choose from. I have been a customer with ASOS for many years now and have always found their clothing to be of good quality and excellent customer service and delivery, so when I noticed they had a maternity selection I wasn’t afraid to order from them.

ASOS have a large maternity clothes selection mostly made up of their own line of clothing but there are other brands being sold on their website too like, French Connection maternity and Mamalicious. Since I have bought a pair of maternity jeans from Next I know that I have only gone up one size during pregnancy but if I find that clothes from ASOS are too small then it’s easy to return as it’s free.

ASOS maternity clothes review

I spent nearly £200 in maternity clothing from ASOS the most expensive item being a maternity winter coat which was only £80 down to £40, it fits well and the quality is good. I bought large shirts, a few dresses and tops, a pair of maternity leggings and a maternity cardigan at the bargain price of £14 down from £40! I was pleased with my items though I had to return a pair of jeans as I found them too snug. The maternity jeans were not very accommodating as Next were, they looked more like skinny jeans than boyfriend jeans but the last thing a pregnant woman wants is to feel restricted during pregnancy, so I returned them through their free Collect+ service.

As most of the ASOS maternity clothes I bought were their own brand of clothing I still expected them to be of good quality but my maternity leggings started to bobble after wearing them only twice! My lovely knee length cardigan also fell apart the first time I wore it! If I paid the original price of £40 I would have been absolutely devastated but since paying only £14 in the sale it’s not a big setback but never the less still very disappointing!

I have contacted ASOS telling them I am not happy but 3 days later I have still not had a reply! Their own brand of clothing is very poor quality and I don’t hold out much faith that they will last the last few months I have of pregnancy. Don’t bother spending money on ASOS maternity as its too overpriced for the poor materials that they use, you would be better off buying bigger sizes in Primark!