Breastfeeding workshop Parkway Health Centre, Welwyn Garden City

As part of my antenatal care in Welwyn Garden City I was able to attend a breastfeeding workshop along with my standard antenatal classes. These are free and provided by the NHS and run by midwives and health visitors. I decided early on that I would give breastfeeding a go but was undecided on whether or not is was worth attending the breastfeeding workshop.

Breastfeeding workshop Parkway Health Centre, Welwyn Garden City

Parkway H C is not far from the town centre and has a small car park area to the rear of the building, it was handy to know as the first workshop was on a Saturday morning and many parents-to-be who attended parked on the side road and all ended up getting parking tickets. When we arrived we signed in and was greeted by the midwife and health visitor. There were around 5 couples including myself and husband and 4 women who attended alone. There was enough room to accommodate everyone though the chairs were not the most comfortable.

Breastfeeding workshop part 1

The first part is where you can attend as a couple so the fathers-to-be can understand the importance and how they can support and encourage their partners to breastfeed. We were given a quiz with 10 true or false questions to see what our knowledge was on breastfeeding, it also gave the midwife the chance to see what we did or didn’t know. I was glad that we got every single one right and hubby was quite well informed about all aspects of breastfeeding. The midwives are very pro-breastfeeding and I found that a little daunting and felt a huge amount of pressure on me to keep at it when my baby is born.

I didn’t realise how naive I was about it all and that it is going to be hard work, the workshop also advises against bottle feeding combined with breast feeding and expressing should only be attempted after 3 months! I was a little discouraged after I heard that as I was hoping to express milk and get hubby involved in feeding time, it would also be a huge relief for the night time feeds as well.

I am still a little taken aback by how difficult it will be but I am also hopeful, I am glad that the midwife and the health visitor was friendly as they also run breastfeeding support groups so you can have help and guidance should you need it after baby is born.

After attending part one of the workshop I did gain some education on how bad formula was for feeding a baby and now that hubby also went with me hopefully he can encourage me to breastfeed if I start tired or want to give up. I advise all couples to attend together as it was a good experience to share and now hubby knows too how important it is to at least try and breastfeed, there was one lady who attended on her own as her partner was too embarrassed to come in.