Co-sleeping with babies and children ruining marriages

All women want the best for their children and sometimes that means being there every minute of the day. Some mums find that they have a very needy baby who will not sleep alone, so everyday things we take for granted like cooking, showering and watching TV become impossible. It seems that in most cases it’s because they child was never put down as a young baby and was always carried so mum could feel the comfort and security of just having a baby.

SIDS do not advise co-sleeping with babies as they are more prone to sudden infant death syndrome, a child sleeping alone in a moses basket, crib or cot are most likely to be fine but there are cases where even they can die suddenly. After 6 months babies should really be in their own room, this is so they can understand than mum and dad need some ‘alone time’ too.

Some parents get too much information from magazines and books they should be left to make up their own minds on how they should parent their children. For example children are supposed to have a blackout blind so they can sleep better in the dark, but what happens if you go on holiday or baby falls asleep whilst shopping? The same goes for when you put baby to sleep, why do you have to stop hovering, watching TV or listen to music? Babies need to be in a ‘real’ house where there is light and noise.

By going to extreme lengths to make a baby fall asleep you are creating a false interpretation of what life is all about, this is why many parents cannot have a baby sleep beside them for the recommended 6 months as they cannot sleep in a room with a light on or people talking.

Did you know as much as 40% of parents in the UK share their bed with their children? Most of them are of school age and do not require nappies to be changed or milk. Co-sleeping with older children can also be a passion killer and children end up causing a rift between parents as they shuffle around in their sleep causing at least one parent to not have slept well at all. Most families who let one or more children sleep in their bed will find that the marriage collapses after a few years as men are most likely to be pushed out of their own bed to make room for the children.

We all know co-sleeping with a newborn up to the age of six months is dangerous but keeping them in your room after this time means it will be harder for them to move out afterwards. So make sure you and your partner discuss parenting before having children so you can work together to bring up your family without the risk of co-sleeping.