Conception myths

When you decide to start a family one of the first things you do is research everything from how to conceive quickly and tips and tricks about conception and pregnancy. In reality there are no tricks to falling pregnant quickly and enhancing your chances of pregnancy. Having spent a lot of time on TTC boards I have come across them all, here are just some of the most common and silliest conception myths.

  • Keeping your legs elevated after sex will help draw the sperm closer to the egg. It is recommended that women should not stand up straight after sex and lay with their legs up for up to 30 minutes. Even doctors say it makes no difference, who has the time to do that? When a man ejaculates the sperm is already well on its way to the egg, so there is no need to look silly with your legs in the air.
  • You should only have sex missionary style or rear entry to keep sperm closer to the cervix. It does help but many people have fallen pregnant by having sex standing up, girl on top and even in the water. Having sex in the same position gets boring, it’s more important than ever to have a fun sex life even when TTC.
  • Folic acid and prenatal vitamins help you conceive? This is completely wrong; folic acid is to prevent spina bifida which is higher in pregnant women who do not take folic acid. Prenatal vitamins only help make your body healthier and in optimum form for when you are pregnant, so you have a healthy pregnancy and labour.
  • Everyone has a ‘normal’ or regular cycle. This is also false textbooks describe women having an average 28day cycle when this is far from the truth. Cycles vary from 26 – 40+ days, if your cycles vary too much from month to month you may need medical help to regulate them. Having varied cycles makes it harder to time sex to fall pregnant.
  • If you have a positive OPK you will ovulate. OPK’s test to see if LH rises, this is the last hormone to peak before ovulation, it doesn’t mean ovulation will take place though. Stress and medication can prevent you from ovulating, if it happens often you may need to seek treatment to kick start ovulation.
  • If you take clomid you will have multiples. Clomid patients rarely have multiples but it can happen, there is only a 10% chance of conceiving more than one child through clomid. If you want twins the best thing to do s have IVF.
  • These are just some myths surrounding conception; it doesn’t surprise me how many silly questions there are flying around out there. So if you need advice don’t rely on internet forums see your doctor or nurse who will further be able to advice you safely and properly.