Control pants during pregnancy

Years ago pregnant women used to embrace their womanly pregnancy curves, even supermodels put on weight and get a large bump during pregnancy, but as celebrities fuel the trend for the perfect pregnancy shape many women are resorting to pregnancy shape wear to keep everything look smooth and lump free.

Shape wear or control pants as they are most commonly known have been around for years but as the media get more obsessed with the trend to be slim people have started to wear control pants even during pregnancy and not after as many struggle to lose the baby weight. Not everyone has the perfect round bump when pregnant nor do they have pert bottoms and slim thighs but it’s all part of being pregnant and the changing shape of a woman as the approach a new chapter in life, motherhood.

Body shaping underwear during pregnancy doesn’t necessarily make the stomach area smaller as they provide support to the growing heavy bump; they do however smooth out the waist area and the thighs to make them look nicer under tight fitting clothes. Many celebrities have admitted to wearing such undergarments during pregnancy and after, as women look up to many female celebrities they also feel the need to follow the trend.

Women charities fear that this will only put more pressure on women to lose weight after pregnancy, women who have children are advised to lose weight slowly and sensibly and not go on crash diets. Those that breast feed will also need to consume more calories though breastfeeding can help regain that pre-pregnancy figure.

Nowadays being pregnant doesn’t mean you can wear designer clothes or tight fitting party wear, many fashion brands cater for maternity wear too. So if you have a birthday or special occasion to attend you can still buy a sexy or stylish outfit that will compliment your bump, they only thing that is troublesome to some women are the unsightly lumps that can appear as the weight gain increases. This is where body shaping underwear or control pants make a difference, it can make the bum look firmer and pert and smooth out the silhouette under those figure hugging clothes.

There is no wrong or right you have to feel comfortable during pregnancy if you are worried that it may be inappropriate to wear such shape wear then consult your GP or midwife who will be able to advise you.