Egg freezing

Women nowadays are waiting to have children as many choose to have a successful career over starting a family. As the costs of childcare increases it makes sense to stay home and look after the kids than go to work just to pay the spiralling child care costs. Celebrities are also having children late; Nicole Kidman, Salam Hayek and Marcia Cross are just three of the many successful actresses who have had their first child over the age of 40. As many women look up to celebrities there has been a growing trend in the amount of women postponing motherhood and as they see that celebrities are having children in their 40’s and as late as their 50’s.

In the UK if you have treatment that could affect your fertility such as chemotherapy you are sometimes given the option to freeze some of your eggs for future use. As this is for health reasons the NHS offers it free of charge, the only time they wouldn’t offer this facility is if delaying treatment would be life threatening or for social reasons like delaying motherhood. Since the recession many women have had to work harder at not losing their jobs and also many have become more successful mainly in the management sector therefore wanting to strive than take time out to have children.

How much does it cost to have eggs frozen?

Depending on where yo9u live and what services are offered you can expect to pay on average around £5,000. This includes treatment prior to ‘collecting’ eggs to freeze; you will need to pay around £150 a year to keep the frozen and stored securely.  When you choose to have your eggs frozen you will need to have daily injections to speed up egg production, this is so more than one egg is released so they can freeze as many as possible. The treatment for this will make you put n weight and also retain more water, looking very bloated and possibly pregnant.

Freezing your eggs so you can choose when you are ready to have children is not a decision to take lightly as only 5 babies have been born in the UK as a result of eggs being frozen and then thawed out. But reports of the success rate being 5-10% have also been discussed, medical professionals do advise against freezing eggs if you can as trying naturally is always the way to start. But as celebrities continue to influence women to climb higher on the career ladder it looks like this trend is here to stay for awhile.