Gender selection in Cyprus for

Talking about gender selection is still a huge taboo in the UK and other parts of the world as many people think its taking science too far. It is illegal in the UK and much of the world to abort a foetus because of the sex and also select the gender of your next child. It is not illegal however in parts of America, Spain and Cyprus.

Recently a leading Gynaecologist in Britain was exposed as referring at least one woman a week to a fertility clinic in Cyprus for gender selection. The cost for selecting your own designer baby is £14,000. Although there are many who oppose this and feel like it is ‘playing god’ there are many reasons as to why it is still legal in many countries;

  • To prevent genetic diseases
  • To balance the family
  • For an heir

Although there is nothing that can be said to change the minds of those that will refuse to accept gender selection there are many people out there who are grateful and delighted that this procedure is allowed in certain countries. All couples would love to have a child of each gender in most cases it means that the family is complete, but when you find that you are only able to have a child of a certain sex it can get a little depressing and seem unfair. There have been many families who have split up because of the pressures of having a gender balanced family.

Not too long ago there was a documentary of couples who were only able to have boys but also longed for a girl. One couple had been trying for years and as a result ended up with 5 boys and no girls, it left them emotionally drained. They used old wives tales and books from professional Gynaecologists to help sway and conceive a child naturally of their chosen sex.

Another couple were not so willing to let nature take its course and they flew to Spain to choose a girl foetus to be implanted in to the women’s womb, the couple already had 3 sons and without a little girl in the family the women refused to marry her partner until he could fulfil his ‘duties’. Luckily it worked first time round and they ended up having twin girls, their family is now complete and they finally married.

I find that gender selection is more down to the couple rather than society, it is perfectly acceptable to have two boys or two girls but people nowadays can see how they can achieve the perfect family and are willing to pay £14,000 to have just that.

The success rate for selecting a girl is higher than a boy but both are doable for the right price.