Having a baby on a budget

Whether it’s your first, second or last child we all want to save money and let’s face it why should you pay over the odds for something when you can get it a reduced price? I know most first time mums will want to buy everything new but sometimes it’s just not financially possible. Did you know that a top of the range pram can cost as much as £1,200 but a 3 in 1 can cost as little as £300 and will last until your child is a toddler. Everyone’s spending habit and income is different so you will need to sit down and work out how much you are able to spend.

Working out your budget

It’s wise to sit down and look at your lifestyle and where you live, for example if you live in a flat you may have limited space for things like the pram and cot. Have a look through a baby catalogue to see what appeals to you. Make a list of things that you will need such as changing unit/table, pram, car seat, cot/crib/moses basket. Then do some research on how much these things costs and make a spreadsheet so you can easily have all the figures added up for you.

To save money think about getting a crib instead of a cot, for £100 you can get a swinging crib, the mattress, bedding and even a canopy. After 6 months baby can move in his or her own room, use a bed guard on a standard bed so they can’t fall out. It saves on room and money on upgrading to a toddler bed.

If you have a small car then you will be limited in prams you can purchase, buy one that will last for a few years such as an all-in-one, if you don’t mind then go to a nearly new sale on baby items you can save a lot of money and you’ll be surprised how things like prams and cribs are in such good condition. Family and friends who have already had their children will also be keen to get rid of their baby stuff, so let them know you’re expecting and you’ll soon be flooded with offers of free baby stuff.

Use the internet as a price comparison tool, if you know the product you want search for it and you will soon find the cheapest listing on the web, there are also many ‘online’ or ‘web offers’ that are not available in store, you can save money by purchasing online and in most cases delivery is free too.

Put some money aside monthly to help contribute to the cost of buying for the baby, otherwise buy monthly so you avoid the panic of paying for everything at once. There are many baby retailers that offer interest free credit so if you can afford to pay it all in 10 months then start saving so you avoid the interest fees.

If you have good family and friends host a baby shower, it doesn’t need to be expensive and you can do it as afternoon tea with finger food as snacks. You may get most of the items you need without spending a penny. It’s also a good way of having some ‘me’ time and a good gossip and catch up before baby is born.

Hopefully you have found some tips to help you save for your baby without breaking the bank, having a family needn’t be expensive if you plan and budget properly. Confide in family and friends and you will find that you can save even more money, grandparents, aunts and uncles love nothing more that to shower babies with gifts so enjoy.