Maxi cosi easyfix base review

I decided fairly early that I wanted a base to go with my car seat as it would be easier and practical in my small 3 door Nissan Micra. I have had my car for nearly 5 years and it is economical, safe and easy to park, having a child was not going to persuade me to upgrade to a bigger car unless I really needed to. Having searched for a car seat and base the best one was of course by Maxi Cosi, also a favourite for celebrities they can cost quite a bit. Before making up my mind I visited Babies r us to have it fitted firstly to see if it was compatible and secondly to see if it was worth it.

There are a few bases available for maxi Cosi car seats and depending on which car seat you want then the appropriate base needs to be purchased. I wanted the base to fit using isofix so opted for the maxi Cosi Easyfix base, the other cheaper one fits using the seat belt only but does the same job of keeping the base secure in the car. It is very easy to put in but the only downside is it is very heavy! I know it will always be in the car but having a small car doesn’t help, we have yet to use it while it is fitted and with a child in but I fear we may need to get a more powerful car in the near future.

I would still recommend the base as once its fitted there’s no need to worry about taking it in and out, the car seat clicks in and out effortlessly which will be very handy on a rainy day or when you come home late and don’t want to disturb a sleeping child.

The Easyfix base can cost up to £150 in some places and is used for only a year so you really need to think if it’s a worthwhile purchase for you. For me personally it is and as I plan to have more children I will most definitely use the base again, also you can change the fabric of the car seat for any future children that may use it so it doesn’t look like you’ve had the same one for years.

To save money you may want to buy one second hand as you can get them as cheap as £20 in most places otherwise you can opt for another brand where they are sold cheaper but are far more bulky such as Graco.