Men being present when a baby is born

There was a very funny article in the newspaper today about men who are at the birth of their children feel like a failure. I just didn’t understand how this was possible. The article basically says that men who are present at the birth of their offspring often feel like failures; this is because after the magical moment that a child is born they realise that being a father is rather like being a passive support to the mother. Now I don’t have any children but I do find this article to be completely biased. The person who wrote this article was firstly a male who obviously suffered from being present at the birth. He found it harder to bond with the child and felt useless as it was his wife that the baby wanted more.

When a baby is born, most women choose to breastfeed or at least try. This makes bonding for mother and child easy but for the father all that’s left is the cleaning up and nappy change. It’s easy to see how men can feel uninvolved and useless in these situations but with a little persistence, men can also share a special bond with their children. When a child cries for its mother, it’s not for the magical hugs or kisses but for the milk. I have seen many fathers get frustrated that their young child won’t come to them but prefers the mother instead and this is only because the child knows that mum will feed them.

Men should not be discouraged from attending the birth of the children they also had part in making. They should share this moment with their partners as it is truly a moment not to be missed. There is no reason as to why a father cannot bond with the baby if the mother is breastfeeding; you can still bond when changing, bathing and playing with the baby. Children of all ages need stimulation and by having two loving parents that share the job will mean that the child will come to accept both parents equally and the child will therefore also bond with the father.

For men that choose not to be present at the birth, then they should get involved as much as possible after as they have missed one the best moments that a couple can share together.