Morning sickness cures and remedies

One of the unfortunate things about being pregnant is the morning sickness; it can occur anytime during pregnancy but is more common during the first trimester. Most women will feel nauseous or sick before their missed period whereas others will start experiencing it from week 6 onwards. It will usually subside by week 14 after the level of hormones settle down but for a small minority it may continue for awhile longer.

What causes morning sickness?

Morning sickness is said to be caused by the level of hormones produced when you are pregnant. Some women will feel worse than others whereas a small minority will be unable to carry out the simplest of tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even going to work. If you find that the nausea and sickness is too much to bear then the doctor can prescribe you some medication. Although taking any medicine during the first three months is not advised there are some exceptions such as extreme nausea, vomiting and dehydration.

The good thing about nausea is it is said that morning sickness is a sign that the pregnancy will be viable and the chances of miscarriage is lower. Morning sickness is a way of getting rid of anything that the baby may not take well too or is not advised. For example caffeine, alcohol and smoking are discouraged whilst pregnant and most pregnant women find they cannot stand the smell of these. If you do not suffer from morning sickness do not be alarmed as not everyone is the same when it comes to tolerance.

Morning sickness cures and remedies

Most women do not disclose their pregnancy until after the 12th week, so many will suffer in silence and rely on other sources such as the internet, midwife and doctor for remedies that might help them cope. As no doubt pregnant women spend hours scouring the internet to find a cure that works when it comes to making morning sickness go away here is a list compiled to show the most common:

Ginger – anything with ginger is said to make morning sickness subside such as biscuits, sweets, tea or even ginger ale

Eating little and often – having an empty stomach makes you even more nauseous so eat little and often to keep hunger at bay

Travel bands – they work for some by using pressure points on the inner wrists to suppress nausea, they also work well for travel sickness too

Lemon peel – sniffing a lemon peel is said to also relive nausea

Sucking ice cubes – my doctor said to me that sucking ice cubes help, but when it is winter and you are freezing cold they aren’t very practical

Fizzy drinks – such as Sprite and 7up are supposed to work

Changing meal plans – I found becoming a vegetarian helped me stop throwing up in the evenings and for the first trimester I have so far been able to keep all my meals down

In the end you spend so much money but nothing really works, there is no real cure or remedy but some of the things listed above may ease the symptoms so you don’t actually throw up but some nausea may still be experienced.