Natural gender prediction

As you know when you are trying to conceive there is no way you can choose the sex of the baby. Unfortunately there is a 50/50 chance it will be a boy or a girl, saying this there are some tips out there that have worked for some couples choosing a specific sex.

Chinese gender prediction

An ancient way of predicting or planning the sex of a baby was discovered over 700 years ago, you need to find out your Chinese lunar age at the time of conception and look on the table and it will tell you the predicted sex of the baby for each month of the year. There is no scientific evidence to prove it works but many have used it for the sake of some fun. It has over 70% success rate in China as many people still believe it is a proven way to conceive a specific gender.

Shettles method

In simple terms it is thought that male sperm dies quicker than female sperm. So if you time intercourse in the early part of ovulation then you are most likely to have a girl if you have intercourse the day before ovulation, on the day or the day after then you are most likely to have a boy. This method has been backed by many medical professionals but with so many women not knowing exactly when they ovulated it is a 50/50 chance.

Eating certain foods

They say if you eat the right food you can conceive a certain sex such as salty foods means having a boy and sugary foods will mean conceiving a girl.

Sexual positions

It is also believed that having intercourse in certain positions will also determine which gender the baby will be. Having intercourse standing up and with the women lying on the left is said to increase the chances of having a boy. Having intercourse in the missionary position and lying on the right is supposed to mean a girl will be conceived.

Some people will say that gender selection is wrong but if you have 4 girls and wanting a boy or 4 boys and wanting a girl how would you feel? There are many couples out there who are desperate to conceive so the thought of choosing a particular sex may seem crude to some people but at the end of the day these are just some widely known methods that couples have tried and in most cases have succeeded.