Pebble vs Cabriofix car seat

Maxi Cosi car seats have become extremely popular in the last few years as celebrities often favour this brand to others, on top of that it is also the best rated for safety. Since the car seats have become so popular many prams, strollers and pushchair manufacturers have teamed up with Maxi Cosi so that you can use the car seat with other brands. This is very good for parents as we all have different budgets, expectations and car boot space when it comes to having a pram so now you have a wider range of buggies to choose from not just the Maxi Cosi range.

What is the difference between Maxi Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix?

The ‘new’ Pebble car seat by Maxi Cosi has been around to purchase for a while now and I too wasn’t sure which one to go for the Cabriofix or Pebble. When it comes down to cost the Pebble is roughly £25 more but even £125 for the Cabriofix car seat seems a little expensive as you can get a good Graco one for a mere £40. After a lot of research I found Maxi Cosi car seats to be the best and decided that if I had to pay £125 for one then I would make sure it was gender neutral so I could use it for any future children. When I was in Babies r us the other day I asked a staff member what the difference was between the two Maxi Cosi car seats and the reason surprised me.

Basically the Pebble car seat uses a Family fix base, so after baby grows out of the Pebble car seat by 12-15 months you can then buy the next Maxi Cosi car seat for the next stage and it will fit into the family fix base. So the same base can be used until the child is much older. The Cabriofix on the other hand only uses that Easyfix base that has Isofix or the Easybase that is non-isofix. So when baby grows out of Cabriofix you will need to buy a new base if you choose to use one.

The Pebble does look better than Cabriofix and is supposed to be the upgraded version but there isn’t much difference, Pebble is heavier, a little more padded but more expensive. Cabriofix on the other hand is lighter, just as safe and is compatible with more buggies to form a travel system than Pebble is.

Pebble vs Cabriofix car seat

To be honest you will not need a base for any car seat when a child is over 12 months as it will be too heavy to lift. The forward facing car seats are perfectly safe to be fitted using a seat belt and cheaper too as it will stay in the car, so why would you need a base for a child over 12 months? The Pebble car seat boasts a pillow support for newborn babies but you can buy a cheap one and out it in the Cabriofix, they only need it when they are little but then again the Cabriofix is just as supportive.

So basically the Pebble is heavier, bulkier, more expensive and uses a different base than Cabriofix. In terms of safety it is not safer as they both perform just as well but the Cabriofix is compatible with many buggies to form a travel system as it has been around longer. Unless you want to continue carrying a child around in a car seat up to the age of 4 then go for the Cabriofix.