Pregnancy and housework

As we all know, exercise during pregnancy is perfectly safe. In fact exercise during the first trimester is the most beneficial. Not only is your body able to push itself but you shouldn’t feel any discomfort until around the third trimester. Exercising during pregnancy also helps maintain a healthy weight and reduce complications with labour making it quicker and less painful. As housework also counts as a form of exercise, you would also assume it is safe to continue.

According to an article published today ‘housework while pregnant could lead to premature birth’ in the Daily Mail, it is being said that the repetitive tasks and boredom may trigger premature labour. This will come as a big shock to many as we all like to have clean and tidy homes so if housework is out of the question for 9 months, what do we do? Many critics have slammed these comments as women have given birth to over the average (7lbs+) weight and gone on to resume normal day routines within hours.

Surely going to the gym and doing housework is the same; you repeat the same exercises in the gym and the same cleaning routine at home. Using a vacuum cleaner is said to be good for the stomach muscles and the same can be said for the treadmill as it is good to tone up the legs despite that both are boring tasks. There will be many worried pregnant women who will now use this article in their defence to stop doing household chores, so if you don’t do it who will? Many couples work so if it is left up to men to do the cleaning, will they really cave in? The chances are probably not, not all men help out around the house and to be honest I wouldn’t trust mine to clean top to bottom as my standard is very high. So the question is how many people have enough money to hire a cleaner for the next 9 months of pregnancy and probably a little more longer for when the baby is born?

So they say by doing housework you increase your chances of going into premature labour by up to three weeks early, surely being immobile all day and looking at all the mess would make you more stressed and more likely to go into premature labour? Like I said many people disagree with this latest research and to be honest most families want the house clean and tidy before the arrival of their baby and the chances are they won’t be doing it for awhile afterwards as babies do take up a lot of your time.