Pregnancy pillow for support during pregnancy

Towards the second and third trimester being pregnant can cause some discomfort, as the muscles and bones start to loosen you may find it hard to walk, sit and sleep properly. Most women find that they are most uncomfortable during the last three months as the bump gets bigger and heavier and sleeping becomes awkward.

There are many different pregnancy pillows on the market to suit all budgets and discomfort but it may not really be that necessary to spend money on one as they can sometimes cause more problems.

Wedge pillows are pillows that look a little like a 3D triangle and you put it between the legs while you sleep to take off some pressure from the knees and lower back region. You can also use it to support under the bump whilst you sleep you can get a better position without feeling so heavy. They range in price from £10-£50; an alternative is to just use a normal pillow in between the legs or under the growing bump, saving money on a wedge pillow.

Body pillows are meant to be the best because you can cuddle up to it whilst you tuck it in between your legs and you body rests on it to provide relief from aches and pains. I have personally used this pillow and found it to be the worst thing to purchase during pregnancy. Although it only cost me £15 it was too bulky and I couldn’t get comfortable, every time I wanted to turn I had to get up and move the pillow so it could support the other side of me, it was very inconvenient and didn’t relieve any of my aches and pains.

Full body pillows are really long and go all around you so you sleep in the middle a little like a doughnut. So whichever way you turn you have a side to rest your bump and legs on, these too are very bulky and the downside is you cannot cuddle up to your partner as the pillow takes up all the room. They can also cost as much as £50, most women have also found that they didn’t like full body pillows as they take up too much room and are too expensive to sue for just a few months of pregnancy.

Using a normal pillow will work for almost any position, in between the legs, under the bump and in the small of your back, so save the money and spend it on your little one, pregnancy pillows are so not worth it!