Recession causing baby boom?

Tesco has reported that they have seen a rise in pregnancy test sales, usually when there is a baby boom it tells us that the economy is thriving and stable but it’s not the case here. The job market, banks and housing market continue to suffer with experts predicting even more job losses and housing market losses. So why has 2011 seen an increase in pregnancy test sales and positive pregnancies?

It is thought that as people have been cutting back on luxuries such as meals out, theatre and cinema they have been entertaining themselves at home instead. Surprisingly as pregnancy test sales have risen condom sales have decreased. Tesco accounts for a third of all pregnancy tests sold with 3.5 million sold in 2010 alone. 2010 saw pregnancy test sales increase by 31% and it seems that this year the trend is continuing.

Essex is currently in the lead with the most tests sold but other areas such as Scotland, Northern Ireland and East Anglia have also seen demand increase. The areas that have seen the most demand Tesco is making sure that they are stocked up on essential baby items such as nappies, wipes, formula and food.

People are sceptical when it comes to the cause of this baby boom with many suggesting that it’s a ploy to claim benefits but as the government cracks down on this it may be harder to claim even if you have children. Others suggest that as people lose their jobs they cannot afford to buy condoms and take a chance having unprotected sex instead. Seems silly when you can get contraception for free in most sexual health clinics but they are just some of the reasons.

Another interesting theory is that it is immigrants who are accounting for the majority of pregnancies as they too try to stay in the country longer. We all know that people flock from all over the world to give birth in the UK as it is free and cleaner than some other places. Also those from the EU regularly come over to get free healthcare during pregnancy then decide to stay when they realise they can claim benefits.

I feel sorry for those that cannot afford to have children at this moment in time but feel they should do it anyway, if you haven’t got a home or job security it is unfair to expect the government to look after you. There are many hardworking people out there who have sacrificed or put having a family on hold until they are financially able to, why are so many people so selfish?