Shaving baby’s head when born

There are many myths and traditions surrounding what to do when a baby is born and one of them is ‘should I shave baby’s head when they are born’? After doing a search I couldn’t believe how many people were against this, I find that it is because they are misinformed and not very well educated about these matters.

Shaving a baby’s head they are young is not a crime or form of child abuse, it is not dangerous and won’t cause any harm to the baby’s head regardless of what some people say. In most countries around the world shaving the head of a baby is a tradition and nothing more. In the Islamic culture Muslims shave their baby’s head and donate the weight in gold to a charity. Places in Asia and Africa still continue this tradition today.

Will shaving a baby’s hair make the hair grow thicker?

There is a big debate over this and many will say no but unless you have done it yourself then you cannot answer this question. I and my siblings (1 brother and 1 sister) all had our heads shaved after birth, usually within the first week. We were lucky enough to be born with a full head of hair but by shaving it off completely it made sure it grew evenly and surprise, surprise it grew back even thicker. If you do decide to do it then do so when the child is young as the older they get the harder it is and more difficult it is to explain to people who don’t understand.

There is nothing wrong with shaving a child’s head when they are born; there are many paediatricians who actually recommend it as it promotes greater hair growth and strength. Many people will find it cruel but at the end of the day no-one can tell you what you can and cannot do when you have a child. The reaction can be as bad as piercing ears of a young child.