Stretch mark prevention

One of the horrible effects of pregnancy is the stretch marks that come with it. There are many women however who are lucky enough to not get them altogether. There are many old wives tales that promise to prevent or cure stretch marks but in reality there is no such thing. If your mother had them then you are most likely to get them too.

Stretch mark prevention

Midwives suggest you keep the skin moisturised to prevent the skin stretching and this should help prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks can occur at any time and not just during pregnancy, whenever you put on too much weight or lose weight too quickly this can make them appear. Men also get stretch marks so it’s not just us women who experience this, skinny people also get stretch marks no one is perfect as even some supermodels and celebrities have stretch marks too.

Best tips for stretch marks

  • Bathe in baby oil regularly
  • Use a good quality moisturiser or stretch mark cream after having a shower
  • Regular exercise

Some people apply stretch mark cream all throughout the day, morning, afternoon and night but it really doesn’t make a difference. I have started using pregnancy creams from 10 weeks (first pregnancy) I am now 15 weeks and have them near my belly button and around the sides. I moisturise twice a day and have not gained a lot of weight but they just seem to appear overnight.

Don’t be disheartened by stretch marks they look bad now but will fade in time, most men understand that this is just a part in child bearing and a lot of women start to get used it and look at them like battle scars or a reminder of having children. Some people make the mistake of not moisturising at all during pregnancy, you will find that the stretch marks will be wider and more sore looking bruised like a purple scar.

After you have completed your family you may find that the stretch marks have faded and not that noticeable, the only thing you can do to further improve the skin is to have laser surgery to make the stretch marks less noticeable. This can be expensive and the results will vary depending on the type of laser used and the experience of the cosmetic surgeon.