The 5 day after pill

We know that accidents happen and sometimes contraception fails, you can take precautions by wearing a condom to prevent STD’s and pregnancy but find that it split before it was taken off. If this was to happen we’re fortunate enough to have access to the morning after pill. Although it works within a 72 hour time frame it is most effective if taken within the first 48 hours of unprotected sex.

The morning after pill is currently available at your local GP surgery, sexual health clinic and also over the counter at the chemist. In most cases it is free but if you go to the chemist you will need to pay for it as it is administered over the counter and not on prescription. If you buy it over the counter the price range is £17-£30, so if you can get it through the health service where it is free.

The five day after pill however can be taken a little later than the morning after pill and is more effective at stopping unwanted pregnancies from happening. Although it is already available on the NHS it is also available to purchase online at the cost of £50, next day delivery is also included. Many campaigners who are pro-life argue that at five days you are aborting a foetus but this is not true as there is no heartbeat yet.

Everyone has their own opinions on what is right and wrong when it comes to the morning after pill and abortion but at the end of the day we are lucky enough to be able to have a choice. There are still some countries where abortion is illegal so many young women are forced with the decision of self termination, having an unwanted child and having a baby and giving it up for adoption.

Like I have said it is not just promiscuous women who get abortions and need the morning after pill, women who have been assaulted, raped and have their contraception fail on them need to be able to access services such as the morning after pill.

It is worth noting that it should not be used as a means of contraception but as a backup plan should your contraception fail. If you have more than two ‘accidents’ in a year it may be worth going to a family planning clinic to find a longer term contraception such as the pill or injection. Mistakes do happen and couples do get caught up in the moment that they forget to use a condom, try to make sure that this does not become a habit and regular STD’s and STI screenings are done to ensure that you have a healthy sex life.