TTC after coming off the pill

A while back I went to see my GP as my contraceptive pill was running low; I have been on the pill for over 5 years now and approaching 24. My GP is a woman and as she checked my blood pressure, history and age she asked if I really wanted to continue taking the pill or if I was thinking of starting a family. I was a little shocked but funny enough my husband and I were just discussing when it would be the right time to start. I told her we were thinking about it but unsure when to start. She offered to prescribe me another 6 months to let me decide and advised that I start taking folic acid or pre-natal vitamins up to 3 months before trying to conceive.

During the last prescribed pill packet I pretty much took the last three month of pills back to back; I went on holiday then there were birthdays and other social engagements that I needed to attend that’s why I took them without a break. I was also advised that it is safe to do this for up to three months but after this there is a chance of breakthrough bleeding.

After my last pill packet I decided that I was ready to stop taking the pill and start trying for a family, so March 2010 I stopped. A few days later I got my ‘period’ after that I bought an ovulation testing kit and started testing right after my ‘period’ stopped. I did this because I wanted to see if 5 years of being on the pill messed up my hormones or if my cycles were normal. On day 14 of my cycle it tested positive for ovulation and on the 28th day I got my first true period since being off the pill, I was very excited.

Coming off the pill is very strange and after being on it for so long after I stopped I had a lot of strange symptoms such as : sore nipples, nausea, tiredness, insomnia, food cravings, increased sex drive and the best thing was I felt much happier and not depressed. I knew that stopping the pill would have a huge effect on my body but those symptoms were hard because it felt like pregnancy.

For my second cycle I ovulated on time also and my periods are very regular so I’m assuming that my body is back to normal so for the third cycle I will be actively trying to conceive and cross my fingers that it is my month.