TTC using Mooncups

All ladies who are trying to conceive (TTC) will tell you that after a few months of TTC, you start to feel like there’s something wrong with you. TTC after any form of contraception can take some time but there are many lucky ladies out there that fall pregnant first time round. All our bodies are different and cycles can get very irregular depending on the lifestyle we have.

What is a Mooncup?

Well a Mooncup is basically a menstrual cup that you place into the vagina to catch menstrual flow. There are other similar products available in the UK such as Soft Cups, Diva Cup and Lunette, there are others also on the market but not as well known as the ones above.

TTC using a Mooncup?

TTC ladies are all for using shortcuts especially after trying for many months or even years. The most common problem women have when trying to conceive is the concern that all the semen leaks out after sex. Now we all know that you can have conceive whilst having sex standing up, on top and even in the sea but whilst you are trying to conceive it’s advised to have sex only missionary style and keeps legs in the air for 10-15 minutes afterwards to prevent leakage. After trying to conceive after some time it gets a little boring so people starting to try using their menstrual cups after sex to aid conception.

How do menstrual cups help you to conceive?

Although there is no scientific evidence and all menstrual cup manufacturers so state that they are for the sole purpose of using during menstruation many women have started to use them as conception aids. When you have intercourse you can either let your partner release his semen inside you then insert your Mooncup or menstrual cup. Or you can let your partner release his semen in the cup then insert after sex. When you do this try to keep your legs and hips elevated for at least 5 minutes or 15 minutes if you can.

Are Mooncups safe to use for TTC?

No one can say for sure but the success rates for those who have tried it are very good and recommendations are very high. There have been reports of ladies who have left in their Mooncups overnight and when they come to empty it in the morning it’s empty!

The journey we all go through when trying to conceive is a very long and exhausting process so if we all stick together and help each other with tips along the way then the process is less daunting. Sex should be a part of a healthy relationship and should never become a chore so whilst you are TTC remember to enjoy yourself and if it happens, it happens. If not, keep trying.