When to buy maternity clothes

The most common question asked by first time pregnant women is when is the right time to start wearing maternity clothes. It is a hard question to answer as all women will show at different stages and weight gain will also differ. Most women find that they outgrow most of their pre-maternity clothes by 4 months by some are lucky enough to put it off until they are well into month 5. People always say put off buying maternity clothes until the last minute to save money but this is bad advice. There are a few things you can do to get some more wear out of your pre-maternity clothes before you have to succumb to wearing maternity clothes only.

Getting the most out of pre-maternity clothes

Most women will find that their jeans and trousers will not zip or button up; there is no reason why you can’t keep wearing them though. Try using a bump band they are designed to cover the gap when the pants can’t close anymore meaning you can wear them longer. Bump bands will also help keep them up and prevent them from falling down. You can also try an elastic button that threads through the button hole to keep jeans or trousers up for longer.

Remember that loose fitting dresses come in handy as they will not restrict your bump and you can wear them for longer compared to trousers. Just before getting pregnant try to be more aware of any new clothes that you buy and make sure you can still wear them during and after pregnancy. If none of the above is an option for you then you can also borrow clothes from your partner, shirts, jumpers and jogging bottoms are great for when you are lounging at home.

When you do decide to go maternity shopping then buy only a few staple items such as large cardigans, a few vest tops a few pairs of trousers and two maternity bras. You will probably find you will need to go back again in a few months so shop wisely and buy things that you can get your money’s worth out of rather than something that will last only a month or two.

Midwives advise that you start maternity clothes shopping as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable in your pre-maternity clothes, it’s important to get fitted for a maternity bra as soon as possible to prevent stretch marks, sagging and painful breasts. Maternity clothes shopping doesn’t have to be expensive, look out for sales and ‘normal’ clothes that can also pass for maternity such as waterfall cardigans, tunics, jumper dresses and baggy t-shirts. Remember you can layer clothes to make them more fashionable and wear your pre-maternity clothes longer.