When to start buying for baby

Whether you are trying to conceive or expecting you’ll always ask yourself and others around you when is teh best time to start buying for baby? The truth is there is no ‘best’ time to start buying, some women start buying before they are pregnant and as soon as they find out whereas the majority will wait until their 12 week scan and they are out of the first trimester. Some people do not start buying until the third trimester as they find it a little superstitious or tempting fate. There is no reason why a woman should feel like this as the items you buy will be well used and would need to be purchased some time before baby is born anyway.

The best thing to do is to make a list of the things you will need and keep a look out you may find a deal that is too good to let go by. So if you see the car seat you want and is ideal for your car buy it if it’s on offer so it saves you from hunting down the best price when it is time to buy.

The only things I would be against buying too much of is nappies and wipes, there are so many brands and sizes and most babies grow out of them within weeks, also mums who have bought too many in the past find that their preferred brand is not ideal for their baby. Babies can be allergic to certain brands and some brands don’t fit as well as others. Baby clothes are also a waste they grow too quick so stick to baby grow’s and essential for the first few weeks. Also if you won’t be breast feeding it’s tempting to stock up on baby formula but like above buy nearer to your due date as baby may be allergic and you may be left with a useless product.  If you do start buying early check the returns policy as some baby stores offer you 6 months from the date baby is born for you to return your unused or unwanted items.

Personally I won’t start buying until I’m at least 28 weeks as I know what I want and prefer to buy everything at the same time rather than buying in small bursts. As for nappies, wipes and baby clothes I’ll only buy a little as some people get carried away with the offers and find that when baby is born half of the nappies don’t fit or they are allergic to a certain brand. Babies grow so quick so I won’t really bother buying a lot of clothes just the basics then after a few weeks of baby being born I will go shopping and stock up.

Also some people (like me) don’t want to know the gender I prefer the surprise and there is not much choice when it comes to gender neutral baby items, clothes are the worst! As long as you have the money to do so buy when you feel like it, there is no right or wrong time.