Yourdays ovulations chart and Fertility Friend review

As you may well have found, there are many sites that offer you easy, user friendly and free ovulation calendars. The only catch is you must sign up to most of these websites that offer you this free service.

What’s so great about online ovulation charting?

Well it takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out or remember when your next period is. You can edit the calendar at anytime and it will then predict you’re most fertile days and also when you are next due a period. Of course it only works if you have a regular cycle between 26-35 days to get an accurate estimation. You can even leave little notes on each calendar day for things like spotting, cramps, EWCM (Egg White Cervical Mucus) and temperature charting. I have to say that I pretty much looked into all of them and found them all to be very confusing and time consuming. Who knew that there is so much to know when it comes to conceiving?

Yourdays ovulation calendar review

Although it’s very basic, you need to update it if your cycle is longer or shorter, you can leave notes on the days that you want to note – things like BD (Baby Dance), positive ovulation tests and so forth. The only annoying thing I would say about is that if your cycle length changes from month to month when you edit the calendar, it changes all previous months too. So if you need to backtrack to check when you last ovulated and how long your cycle was you need to read each of the notes on all days one at a time. There are stars on the days that indicate there is a note present.

Fertility Friend review

This is probably the most popular of them all, you get charts that you can print out each month or fill online. It’s more in depth as you also have the option of charting BBT (Basal Body Temperature) everyday as well as EWCM, this I found was far too time consuming.  As I have only started TTC (Trying to Conceive) I think charting would come into effect if I hadn’t conceived after 6 months. Fertility Friend also sends you around 15 or so emails after you register about all aspects of conceiving. They are tutorials that help you identify the signs that you will ovulate so you can have an idea without spending so much money on ovulation tests and so on.

All in all I found that making my own ovulation calendar to be better. I can see clearly how long my previous cycles were, the days I menstruated and record when I had a positive ovulation test and BD’d. Like I said I am not currently charting BBT so if I decide to do this then I will most certainly go with Fertility Friend but at the moment I’ll be sticking to my own.