Do it yourself filling kits for teeth

We’ve all done it, had a sneaky toffee or caramel filled chocolate only to find out later that it ripped out your filling. Going to a NHS dentist won’t cost so much but most people can no longer find one close to home. The only resort is to go to a private dentist and we all try to put this off, as it can be very costly. With the looming recession upon us it seems such a waste to pay up to £75 (including consultation with a dentist) to replace one small filling.

Here’s the answer in all leading pharmacies and health and beauty stores you can get over the counter do-it-yourself filling kits that provide all the material you need to do your own filling. They are well under £10 and I’ve known many people to use them and say they are just the same as going to the dentist. So as long as you look after your teeth there is no reason why they shouldn’t last you a long time.


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  1. Colin April 29, 2010 / 4:55 am

    hi, i was wondering if you had wholesale prices for distributors? i am interested mainly in teeth products, anything aimed at whitening as well as tooth repair Regards colin

  2. Mike December 27, 2010 / 10:10 am

    Hi I need this not only as a pensioner personally but for all us oldies in south africa who can’t afford a dentist. I would happily act as an agent because 80% of the elderly be they whatever colour simply cannot afford any medical costs. Thank you Bones

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