Eco friendly and green carpet cleaning

All homeowners at some point will need to have their carpets cleaned thoroughly. Years ago people used to buy their own carpet cleaners as most houses were carpeted throughout. Nowadays people are opting to have most rooms with wooden or laminate floors as the cleaning and upkeep is minimal in comparison to cleaning carpets regularly. Carpets can last for years to come if looked after properly they also retain the heat and keep the house warmer in the winter so if you live in a cold area such as parts of Ireland or parts of Scotland carpets are better suited.

Usually when families will come to sell their properties they will find that the carpet is dirtier or may look more run down than a house full of adults. Children are more likely to spill their drinks and food and even run in and out the house wearing dirty shoes. All houses will have dirty carpets on the stairs as these are known as high traffic areas, so they will have to be cleaned at some point too. So if you want to present the house better to any potential buyers cleaning the carpets is a must. You may soon recover the money you spent on doing this by the sale of the house.

Carpet cleaning

There are a few ways to have your carpets cleaned either by yourself or by a professional. You can hire a carpet cleaner at your local hire shop and they will charge you by the day, buy your own carpet cleaner and hire a company to come and to the work.

Hiring a carpet cleaner – the price will vary depending on the location, machine and how long you intend to keep it. Other costs to consider is the carpet cleaning solution that is not often included in the price, expect to pay £20 – £50 to do it yourself plus extra for the stain and cleaning fluid.

Buying a carpet cleaner – unless you have a big house that is carpeted in most rooms you will not get your moneys’ worth. The machine is bulky and hard to store away, you’ll only need it at least once a year and you can expect to pay £250 – £360 for a good cleaner that does the job well.

Carpet cleaning company – hiring a company makes the job hassle free as they will do all the preparation and cleaning with minimal disruption. Depending on the type of carpet they can be dry within hours.

Eco friendly carpet cleaning

This is becoming even more popular as people opt for more eco friendly cleaning solutions. The good side to eco friendly carpet cleaning is they don’t use harsh chemicals that can harm pets or children so when the carpet is being cleaned you don’t need to lock out your pets or take the children out for the day. Also with eco friendly or green carpet cleaning the carpet seems to dry faster, on average 5 hours compared to 24 hours by some other carpet cleaners. Prices eco friendly carpet cleaning tends to be better too as there are no harsh chemicals to be bought all products used are natural.