Cleaning your home without the need for the bad chemicals

We all know chemicals are bad for us so as Kim and Aggie have started their series ‘How clean is your house’ this has prompted many people to use alternative cleaning products that are more environmentally friendly.

As all household cleaning products contain some potentially harmful chemicals, a lot of care and safety has to be taken when using them for cleaning. All manufacturers of cleaning products advise parents to keep these products out of sight. As a result , many new parents have started experimenting with organic products if they have a newborn or toddler.

Organic house cleaning

The market for organic cleaning supplies is not very competitive at the moment but this seems likely to change over the next few years. Below are some of the organic house cleaning products available at your local supermarket.

  • Organic washing powder
  • Organic fabric conditioner
  • Organic room fragrance
  • Organic furniture polish
  • Organic floor polish
  • Organic hand wash
  • Organic washing up liquid

The list of available products are endless and if you don’t want to buy branded organic cleaning products, then you can always make them yourself.

There are many books and websites which publicly discuss and share tips on cleaning. Did you know that vinegar is widely used as a homemade organic cleaning product? Vinegar is widely known to cut through grease – it is also used for cleaning floors and windows and glass to get a shiny and clean finish.