Soap nuts review

A little while ago I decided to try soap nuts as an alternative to buying washing powder. Although washing powder leaves my clothes smelling exotic towels and clothes such as jumpers and jeans fell really hard like starch has been added to them. After reading reviews in soap nuts I decided to give them a try. As my father is allergic to most washing powders it was also a good way to test them out before I recommend them.

Buying soap nuts

You can buy soap nuts mostly via the internet as high street shops have not yet been convinced to stock them yet. Places such as John Lewis and Lakeland do however sell them in store. Compared to the standard washing powder on sale they can work out slightly cheaper as soap nuts can be used more than once depending on heat settings and water. If you live in a hard water area you need more but a soft water area you use less soap nuts. I bought mine off the Lakeland website for under £3 for a box; they usually sell for around £6 for 250g.

Since I have been using my soap nuts for a month they do a really good job but it’s not very good if you have children or a husband who loves gardening. It doesn’t really do much for stains, as my husband is a gardener the mud and grass stains do not wash off from his clothes. I have noticed though that if you use some soap nuts in boiling water and let stained clothes soak in them they do a better job than sticking them in the washing machine. I have reused my soap nuts up to 3 times depending on the load size and they work well, I do have to buy separate essential oils to add lovely scents to my clothes which can be expensive and stain remover for clothes that soap nuts do not remove.

So are soap nuts cheaper?

No they are not, I have been using them for a month now and on top of buying soap nuts I have to buy organic essential oils to replace fabric conditioner which costs more than the soap nuts and I also have to buy stain remover. Overall I am pleased with the results as all my clothes look more vibrant and feel soft and bouncy. Even my towels which used to dry flat are more fluffy nice to the touch.