Soap nuts

As we all try to save money and live greener lifestyle, I take a look at the ingenious soapods (soap made from nuts) and how they can transform your laundry. Looking in to alternative ways to wash clothes will not only save money but also find new ways to save the planet.

What are soapods?

Soapods are found in trees that live up to 90 years old which are found in countries such as India, China, Afghanistan, Florida and the Caribbean. They have been around for thousands of years to wash and help preserve our clothes and look like little brown berries. Due to lack of knowledge and companies wanting to make money, that’s how washing powder and scented fabric softener was introduced. Originating from Nepal and India dating back centuries, this practice is now coming back as more people are choosing to be more environmentally friendly. Soapods have a natural outer layer of soapanin that is activated when it comes into contact with water; it is also similar to an ingredient used in cleaning products and soap.

Benefits of using soapnuts?

  • Soapods come from trees that live for a very long time so they won’t run out so easily and you can relax knowing that the tree itself is also 100% recyclable from the leaves to the trunk.
  • Soap nuts do not contain any chemicals or have any fragrance so it’s good for sensitive skin and delicate skin for babies.
  • Due to being 100% recyclable, in time they will just break down into harmless little fragments that can be composted.
  • As there are no harsh substances in soapods, washing machines will last a lot longer and will not deteriorate as quickly as using washing powder.
  • They are also good at making clothes last longer and towels are bouncier and clothes do not come out flat and dull.
  • As there are no fragrances you can buy organic scented oils and add them to the wash to make clothes smell nicer.
  • Soapods can be reused up to 6 times depending on water quality and quantity of clothes saving money and space for laundry products.
  • You only need a little space as the soapods come in a little bag as small as an orange.

How to use the soap nuts?

Soapods are very easy to use and once you try it you will not go back to conventional washing powder and harsh chemicals. They are sent in 100% recycled brown paper bag; the soapods themselves are put into a small cotton sack and put into the drum of the washing machine with each wash. Depending on the load size and how dirty they are, you can use more soapods or less, add essential oils or perfume to the wash to make it smell nice or just leave as it is. Depending on water quality you may have to use more, soapods are safe to leave in the drum though the rinse cycle.