Shake and rake gardening

Shake and rake gardening has become extremely popular recently due to the low cost, minimum required garden tools and the limited time it takes up to do. So if you have a full time job and want to use up as little as your spare time gardening or you have health problems or elderly then shake and rake gardening is the simplest and easiest way to make you garden look summery and colourful.

One of the advantages of shake and rake is the diverse range of flowers each box promises to give in return you can get up to 35 different varieties in one box. So you can save time shopping around for flower combinations as they have been selected for you. You will also help the pollination of flowers and encourage butterflies and bees to come out and reproduce. You may not know that butterflies and bees in the UK are in danger of becoming extinct due to illness, lack of habitat and finding a mate. You can help wildlife in your own back garden for as little as £1.19 for a box of seeds that can cover 50m².

What is shake and rake and how does it work?

This is a good product aimed for people of all ages and all types of gardens; whether you have a large garden a small garden or a little plot of land at the front of the house that needs some colour. For shake and rake all you need to do is prep the soil by removing weeds, stones and anything else that might interfere with flower growth. Then rake the area to a depth of at least 2.5 cm and shake the box so the seeds can scatter out evenly. The box says to shake the box over the area for at least 30 seconds but if you do this then you will have no seeds left for the rest of the garden (if you have a large area to cover). If you have only a small area to cover then you can afford to be generous and shake as much as you want. When you have covered the area you want flowers to grow with the seeds you just simply rake the seeds in and water. Always keep the soil moist to ensure that the flowering process is viable.

Where can I buy shake and rake seeds?

They can be found in most garden centres but I have found that they are much cheaper online and you can also get many different varieties that are not yet available in the shops. You can also find them in the most unlikely shops so always be on the lookout. The cheapest I found was £1.19 a box and the most expensive was £10 but they were both the same just different varieties of seeds and brand name.