Luxury cat hotel

One of the added expenses of going on holiday for pet owners is the task of finding someone to look after their beloved pets or a suitable boarding house for the duration of their holiday. You can get pet sitters that visit your home to feed and care for your pets but the thought of letting a stranger into your home is scary for most home owners. Finding a reputable and reliable cattery or dog boarding is also tricky most places need proof of vaccinations and paperwork before they even consider looking after your pet. With the annual vet bills increasing each year not many pet owners are not vaccinating their pets on a yearly basis. Another but costly option for cat owners specifically is finding an ‘animal hotel’. The costs can mount up but if you have the money and really want the best for your pets then this can also be a little holiday for your cats too.


Luxury cat hotel

There are many of them all over the UK and very popular in America. The reason they are called ‘luxury cat hotels’ is because they are more like private apartments that are on the ground floor and have a garden view and lots of room inside to play. Cats will be fed daily and some cat hotels also have a play room or recreation room that they can also play in. The rooms all have an activity centre, bedding and sometimes even a cat sized sofa. The only downside of this is that they don’t actually get to go outside and roam around like many cats do. They have a small garden enclosure at the end of their ‘apartment’ that allows fresh air in and they can see outside. Some older cats no longer use litter trays and most still like to spend a lot of their time outside lazing around in the sun on a nice day. Cat hotels do not allow this as they can get confused and run away so they are confined in this ‘apartment’ for their duration of stay.

Cost of luxury cat hotel stay

I have found the cheapest price of £8.95 for one days stay at a cat hotel but prices can go up to as much as £25 a day, for a second cat sharing the same room its usually a reduced rate but only a few pounds less than the standard rate. They do look very cosy and clean but for the price you pay it isn’t really anything special. It’s just another way of people to exploit cat owners to make money out of them. I have two cats and they spend a lot of their time outdoors even if it’s raining or snowing, they also do not use litter trays so a cat hotel would upset them as they would be confined all day.

If you do choose to send your cat to a cat hotel then make sure they have been vaccinated and neutered as well. The accommodation should also be approved by the council, don’t be fooled by professional looking websites, always visit first to make sure it is up to a high standard. A weeks lodging for one cat can cost as much as £80, for two cats £144 so before you fork out make sure you do a little research first.


How to find cheap car rental companies

Europe offers a wide variety of vehicles for hire in its numerous airports since it is a common holiday destination. Whichever port, train station you may choose to get down from, you will be able to get a car for hire for your holidays. But, this wide range of car hire companies can prove to be a problem in itself in that it may become difficult to choose the best agency, with the best deals and getting the car most suited to your needs.

The car hire search engine that is offered here is very simple and direct so that you do not have to go around checking out various sites again. You can just input your details and a selection of vehicles will be offered to you; all the agencies are trust worthy and strategically located so as not to pose any pick up problems.

By entering your dates and location into the search engine, you will get a list of vehicles at relatively interesting prices through the database of car hiring agencies. Once you have made your choice, you can make your reservation and payment right online and when you get to the destination, the car will be waiting for you. No more paperwork to be involved in then, you can just get into your car and drive off.

One of the best ways to enjoy your holidays is to go for a car which can easily take you from one place to another. There are many places that are not accessible by common transport and so you really have to have your own means of transport for moving about and this where a private car can help you out. You might want to get a 4×4 if you are staying in remote places and where you will often go off the tracks for exploration; for this kind of activity a normal car would not be suitable and so you can get a better suited 4×4 from an agency. You can also get people carriers from an agency if you are travelling with your family so as to enjoy more space and make your holidays more comfortable.

You might want to get a luxury car for your holidays to get you around and there are numerous agencies specialising in hiring luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW or Audi. You can pay a little extra and enjoy your holidays in the comfort of a posh car.
Once accommodation and flights have been confirmed, it is important to book a car as some models are very common and thus gone very soon while some agencies do not have many models of the same car.

Non UK residents may find it difficult in obtaining car insurance

Many car insurance companies will not grant insurance to non UK residents. In order to solve this problem, non UK residents should bring their cars with them from wherever they are from; they will be able to travel with their vehicles while keeping their original insurance policies from America, France or any other country of origin.

Other insurance agencies will continue to cover you up no matter which country you may be in as long as you are driving your car, but it is advised to check this out with the individual companies to see if it is applicable or if there must be some change in the current plan to remain covered in another country.

Most of the insurance agencies in the UK will not provide any insurance coverage to non residents be it for days, weeks, months or years. Non UK residents have to rent a car to get any car insurance for the whole time that they will be in the UK or stay without a car.

Getting an international driver’s license is another way to get car insurance in the UK. Having an American driver’s license does not mean that it will be recognised in all countries of the world where as an international driving license is easier to secure and can be used in most countries.
Sometimes, even if you have an international driving license, it can be difficult to get car insurance. If you want to buy a car in the UK, you will need insurance coverage to do so, however if you are getting a car from another country you may not have to change your current coverage.

In some cases, you may find coverage but they will be very expensive for non UK residents as compared to those who have been driving for some years within the UK. This is applicable to international drivers, drivers with licenses from their countries of origin and students who drive from time to time. The UK road laws are very strict regarding those who have not driven for long in the UK because driving is on the opposite side of the road in most European countries and as such insurance companies do not want to get involved in situations regarding negligence of this fact.

How to generate bright ideas

A very common question is ‘Can you give me some ideas, I have tried everything but nothing seems to work.’

Though it may seem obvious, the truth is just that you have to loosen up and the let the ideas flow and jot them down as soon as they do.

Write it down
Have you ever had that problem when everything just seemed to flow into your mind at the same time and you just did not know where to start? Else, you got stuck on an idea? If you answer yes to these questions then the best thing is just to write them down on paper.

Why paper is simply because getting some inspiration while writing it down on a word document can be quite difficult and it is way easier to organise paper notes and you can also scribble all over them, something that is not possible with word.

Why you should write it down is that as soon as you get an idea, your mind will try to push it to the back to give way to new ideas. This will encourage the flow of more ideas and give you the freedom to organise everything and match them up as needed. This technique does not apply to writing only, it can be in any aspect of your life.

Visual materials are always interesting as you can clearly see them which can then lead to the creation of new ideas in a way no words could ever do. As it goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is why it is always a good idea to scribble in the margins of the idea paper. You do not have to be an artist to do this, make things that you understand as it concerns only you and you have to be able to translate it.

Sometimes drawing something bad can lead to the creation of new things so really you should not bother too much about your drawing types as long as you know where you are going.

Many people read a lot of ideas and techniques that do not inspire much at the end of the day but writing them down will loosen up your thoughts and give you the freedom for more ideas.

Housing benefit and LHA

Fortunately in this country you can never be homeless, if you ask for help you will surely get it. Councils all over the UK have been housing people for decades at the cost of the tax payer. Unfortunately the days where it was for hard up people are gone, as too many people have abused the system local housing from your council is on a long waiting list, you could be waiting years for a place to live. Don’t worry if you really need help there are other ways.

Did you know you can claim LHA a local housing allowance now instead of council housing or both even. As council housing has a severe shortage of housing applicants are being advised to apply for LHA instead. It means you can find a house or flat that you like in an area that you like and if you are a low earner or on certain benefits you will also qualify. You can get help with a deposit for the flat and grants to buy things like furniture and decorating the home. You can also be placed on the council’s waiting list for council housing in the meantime but if you qualify for LHA and your circumstances never change then it could be paid for indefinitely.

All councils have different limits you can apply for to pay for your rent, you also need to check how many rooms you are entitled to as well. If you are single and under 35 you may only qualify for the flat share amount, in this case you may need to pay the difference if you want a one bedroom flat instead of a house share. If you are a couple some councils allow you to rent a one bedroom property, if you are a single mum then children can also qualify for a room of their own.

LHA is changing so you need to check with your local council and keep and eye on things. If you are entitled to LHA or housing benefit you may also qualify for council tax benefit too, some or all of it may be paid in full. With many young people on low incomes or unemployed it is easy to lose independence so by claiming LHA they can live independently and out of their parents hair!

Cannibilism on the increase causing zombie panic!

Have you read the news lately? There has been a noticible rise on canibilism, there have been reports of people resorting to this strange and unnatural habit from all over the world. In the last week alone the following have been reported:

A married man bit off and ate his wife’s lips in Switzerland because he was convinced she was cheating on him.

A young asexual man from Japan had his testicles medically removed, he kept them and then sold tickets for a dinner party where he then cooked them up and served them to paying guests. A total of 6 people shared this unusual dish, they included a young couple, a young woman and an old man.

A naked man in America was found running after a homeless man naked then jumped on him and ate his face off, the homeless man is in critical condition after losing 70% of his face. It is said that the accused was high in drugs, he had to be shot so he could stop eating the other man.

As a result of all these bizarre happenings a statement from the US has been issued after a spate of panic from the public. Forums have been buzzing that ‘zombies’ have arrived and are infecting people! This thought never crossed my mind, I did find it unusual but now I am a little concerned. I think I watch too many movies! I must have seen all that involve the ‘undead’ and let me tell you there is never a happy ending. So if there is going to be a zombie apocalypse then I would like a little notice to prepare myself and stock up and maybe re-watch all those movies to see if there is anything I can do to ensure my survival but saying that what would happen to the world should the ‘uninfected’ survive? I mean would you really want to go through the stress of rebuilding the world?

Well I think for now at least we are safe so I won’t worry myself too much.

Increasing the security of your car through pay as you drive schemes

In South Africa, pay as you drive insurance is fast gaining grounds. It is becoming quite a common coverage for vehicle users as it reflects a fairer means of insurance to pay for each month with cost effectiveness not being its sole advantage.

Your car has a lot of chances of being stolen or being involved in a crash, so having as much security features as possible for your car is very beneficial to you. With pay per mile car insurance, you obtain additional security features in that there is the installation of a tracking device to your car when you agree to the policy; this will help the insurance agents to bill you according to the number of distance that you cover. This is also a great means for the agency to keep track of the distance that is being covered per month as well as adds to your security and that of the agency.

The tracking device is placed in an area of your car that is way impossible for any thief to locate and disable and if it happens that your car is stolen, it can be easily tracked down. This means that you will benefit from a lower insurance premium as the company can be assured that if the car is stolen, it will be retrieved. While this will definitely lower your risk profile, there are still some other risks that can be associated to a stolen vehicle. Thieves may damage the car when it is stolen, or take goods found in your car or remove parts off the vehicle; for this reason it is advised to install an immobilizer and a gear lock to reduce burglary risks. You may find that insuring your sound system or other goods in your car as a good idea.

There is still a small fee that you have to pay for in terms of burglary risks associated with your car so that the insurance agency will be covered if your car is stolen and they have to retrieve it. You also have to remember that sometimes the car cannot be located or it can be damaged beyond repair.
It can thus be seen that pay as you drive adds a lot of security features to your car. If you happen to be interested in pay as you drive insurance, you will see that agents of the South African insurance companies are very friendly and helpful and will help you in clearing out any ideas that are not clear to you regarding the insurance policy.

Protect the environment with pay as you go insurance

There is now a lot of awareness programmes regarding the environmental impacts of driving especially about the effects of carbon monoxide emissions and a wider audience is understanding the effects of careless driving down the roads. Nowadays, there are green drives to have fewer cars on the road which are more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Another reason as to why pay as you drive is getting more famous is that in the past people wanted to pay less when they drove less so as to save on their vehicle insurance costs. Today, though, it has come to the attention of environmentalists that pay as you drive is a better means of driving as it reduces gas emissions to the atmosphere and hence is better for the environment. But before going into environmental details, we will see how pay as you drive works.

The pay monthly car insurance is calculated on a cent per kilometre rate which is in turned based on some factors like age of the driver, driving history and the type of vehicle. There is a certain fixed fee that you must pay for every month and you are also given some kilometres to travel for free. Once you go beyond that fixed number of kilometres, you must pay for the extra distance covered. A tracker is installed in your vehicle by the insurance company so as to monitor the distance that you cover per month. The tracker can also be used to relocate your car if it is stolen which thus adds to the security of the vehicle.

The reason as to why environmentalists believe that pay as you drive is a better insurance coverage for cars is that it encourages drivers to drive less which then results in less carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere. When you know that you will be paying every time you drive, you will want to drive less to save on money or else go for public transport. Pay as you drive insurance is readily accepted by those concerned about the environment who would rather go for public transport then or use lift clubs. However, in many countries, even environmental conscious people have to pay for their insurance coverage on a monthly basis even though they are making the efforts to reduce gas emissions to the atmosphere as other people which may not look fair to them then. But if they are actually paying for the time that they are driving, it is a better deal for them.

As can be seen, there are many reasons as to why pay as you drive is a concept that is embraced by a lot of people. While it helps to protect the environment, it also causes those who drive less to save up on their insurance costs.

The truth about hair straightening and dangers

It’s been debateable for years whether or not hair straighteners cause any damage to hair follicles but with an ever growing trend of celebrities sporting poker straight hairstyles the majority of women do not think twice about any damage that may be caused. I remember the days when hair straighteners were expensive so teenagers found an alternative and ironed hair straight instead. Many would come into school with burnt ends as they couldn’t really see what they were doing with their head on the ironing board!

Apparently a third of women have hair straighteners and one in five men also admit to this trend too, most people who use them will not leave the house as they prefer straight hair compared to curly, wavy or frizzy. In reality relying heavily on hair straighteners will only cause hair to become more frizzy and curly. They also make hair dull and thin over time but many women argue that after having hair straightened its shinier and silky, but this is short lived.

A lot of women and young girls who are addicted to straightening hair usually start to panic when they find that their hair is falling out, it isn’t really as the hair becomes so weak from heat damage that it starts to break off eventually. Hair straightening also leads to split ends as the ends get burnt and bear the brunt of the heat.

20 years ago hair straighteners took 20 minutes to reach the optimum temperature for creating poker straight hair using steel plates. Now with better material to create the plates it takes less than a minute to heat up to 200c. Apparently the new hair straighteners are worse than before as they are higher in temperature, using plates that are 180c or less will not damage hair as much as 200c. A lot of women argue that they use heat protecting products to ‘protect’ the hair but in reality it does little to prevent any damage made.

There are a few things you can try to help restore frazzled hair to its former glory, things like deep conditioning, hair masks and even sleeping on a silk pillowcase can prevent split ends and keep hair looking silky smooth, it also helps hair lock in natural oils.

Older styled hair straighteners that use steam to create straight hair are safer but much more expensive; they do not cause so much damage as you would using a conventional straightener. This year looks like its set to concentrate on bouncy and wavy hair and curls rather than the poker straight look that has been dominating the catwalk the last few months. So say goodbye to straighteners and embrace bouncy and curly volumised hair.


Reducing your pay as you drive insurance premiums

It is clear that no one wants to pay a lot for car insurance per month and this is the reason as to why more and more people are now going for pay as you drive insurance. It is a fairer means of coverage as you pay for the distance that you are covering each month rather than pay a whole constant sum per month. The rate of the pay as you go car insurance is based on your risk profile though you also have to pay for a fixed amount each month to cover you up against theft, damage or fire damage. It is this risk profile that you have to lower so as not to pay a lot of premium per month.

The risk profile is based on some factors, the most important ones being your age, gender, address, your vehicle and the security features associated with the car. Obviously your gender cannot be changed and so if you are a male then you will definitely pay more than a female as males are seen to be less careful drivers as compared to females. There are certain ways that you can reduce your insurance premium be you a male or a female. Also, you cannot change your age but you can come up with a clean driving record to lower your premiums. If you are a young driver, try to find out if taking advance driving lessons can be a means to lower your premiums.

Where you live is also an important aspect of the risk profile and because you do not want to fake these details, the installation of a security device can lower your premiums. The first thing to do is to make sure that your vehicle remains locked at night and to install a security device if possible such as an immobilizer, alarm or gear lock. When you sign up for pay as you drive insurance, the insurance company adds a tracking device to your car to monitor the distance that you cover per month and to bill you as such; the device also helps in tracking the car should it be stolen which thus reduces your monthly premium as stolen vehicles can be tracked down by the insurance company.

You can very easily get pay as you drive insurance right online but shop around first, checking out some agencies before you decide on the best deal. You will get a good insurance deal with pay as you drive as you will be paying only for the distance that you are covering. You will also be offered some distance to drive for free each month and you start to pay when you go beyond this distance.