Fussy kittens not eating

My kittens are now 9 months old both with very different personalities one is very greedy whilst the other is very laid back and plays it cool. When they were very little I use to buy Whiskas kitten food, they seemed to enjoy for a while then they just stopped eating. They would go for a whole day without eating so I decided to change. I then bought a supermarket own brand kitten food and found that it contained less meat but more juicy with lots of gravy which they liked. Then just as last time they went off their food again! My mum feeds her cats Whiskas cat food from the tin so I tried this instead. For the first few days they loved it but after that they have now gone of their food again.

Cats seem to be very fussy eaters and mine do not really enjoy eating meat but fish is their favourite. When I have my dinner I have noticed if I give them some of my food they love it whether its meat, chicken or fish they gobble it down in no time. I have found my kittens to be the strangest because they eat a lot of human things that my friends say that cats don’t do. I recently tried to add gravy to their food because I know this is their favourite, they lick the gravy off and all they have left is dry food. This also didn’t work, I have been tempted to make homemade cat food but I worry that if I cannot give them any for whatever reason they will not eat. I also travel a lot so I cannot rely on my mum to make homemade cat food. Homemade cat food will be 100% meat, chicken or fish whereas bought cat food have a minimum of 7% which is disgusting no wonder my kittens enjoy home cooked food.

Do your cats eat the following?
Sweet corn, on the cob, popcorn, tomatoes, KFC, peas, potato, crisps, cheese and sweets. I don’t give my kittens these foods intentionally but when I’m sitting down and they come to me they trick me into giving them some. Just out of curiosity I give in but they do surprise me, my mum’s cats don’t eat half the things I give to mine. I’m not sure if my cats are strange or if other people’s cats are weird? I don’t ever give my kittens chocolate as this can be very bad for their heart, even though they will make their cute little face to say they want some.