Hungry kittens eat all day

I have two male kittens that are just over 6 months old, one is a stripy grey colour called Tiger Billy and the other is stripy with a white face, belly and legs called Jet Li. They both have different personalities; Tiger Billy is very greedy whilst Jet Li plays it cool. The other day I found what looked like diarrhoea in the kitchen, I cleaned it up and checked the boys but they seemed fine. Tiger Billy was acting very strange he was very quiet and withdrawn.

We made a little area for him on the sofa and he slept for a little while and even ignored me whilst I served his lunch which was very unusual for him. After a little while he jumped off the sofa let out a very load meow and run under the table. I went to see and it sounded like he was throwing up a hairball, when I looked he vomited all his cat biscuits he cried for in the morning.

After I cleaned up the mess I called the vet, she advised me that he was over eating on cat biscuits and this was very hard to digest as it gets absorbed by water so he had to vomit it out. We have limited how many biscuits we give him no matter how much he meows and he seems to be fine.

It’s just really hard to ignore when your cat cries for food all the time you feel like you have to give in. My mum only feeds her cats twice a day once in the morning and again in the evening whereas mine get fed 4 times a day. Whiskas advises you to feed little and often recommending two pouches of food a day in small portions. I feed a pouch of kitten food in the morning and the half a pouch for lunch and another half a pouch for dinner. Just before we go to bed we leave some biscuits out for them. I have heard of neighbours who only feed their cats once a day, so I suppose it’s a personal choice.

Even after doing this my kittens still cry for food, other cats seem to survive on less than this and are perfectly fit and healthy. My mum has the third kitten in the litter that mine came from, he eats less but is so chubby whereas mine are long and lean. My kittens look like fully grown cats as their brother looks like a chubby kitten.