Beginners guide to Digital Photography and dSLR cameras

In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the art of digital photography and the use of DSLR cameras to accomplish that. It is important to note that photography in itself reflects the creativity of the person taking the pictures and not necessarily mean you need to get a top of the range digital camera. However the ability of your camera will determine how good your shots are going to be and hence it is advisable that you consider getting a dSLR than sticking with a point and shoot one.

Things we’ll be covering in this online digital photography course:

  • DSLR vs Point and Shoot cameras
  • Composition – How it affects your final picture
  • Long exposure shots (we’ll talkt about light meter)
  • Freezing motion
  • Bracketing – Why do you need it
  • Exposure compensation
  • Focal lengths and aperture
  • Why use aperture priority mode on your dSLR camera
  • Taking pictures with a bright background
  • How to maintain and clean your camera and lens

This tutorial will be updated as we go along and if there’s anything else that you want to know, then suggest it in a comment.