Aquapac 414 small camera case review

As we get more adventurous and save up for those once in a lifetime trips it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to take some fantastic and unique pictures with a digital camera that people will got to extraordinary lengths to do so. Disposable cameras are cheap and do not take very good quality pictures so there has been a steady decline of them in recent years. One product that is selling well at the moment is waterproof cameras and cases.

If you enjoy water sports, diving or snorkelling then it’s well worth investing in one. But as prices start from £150 for a decent underwater camera many people are forced into looking into other options such as waterproof camera cases or bags. A very much talked about product that is circulating on forums is the Aquapac.

What is an Aquapac?
It’s basically a small clear plastic bag that is waterproof, resembling a sandwich bag but with a cord along the top so you can hang it around your neck. They are used to protect personal belongings or even for placing a small camera inside to take clear good quality pictures when in the water or even to protect it when out of water.

There are a few models of the Aquapac around for the use of digital cameras but with the cheapest costing £20 it is a bit on the expensive side. I purchased the Aquapac small camera case 414 retailing £25 it came with 5 desiccant sachets that are meant to prevent condensation inside the bag in humid conditions. The purpose of the purchase was because I was going to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and wanted to take my camera with me into the Lagoon to get unique and beautiful pictures. Whilst other people were walking around with their expensive digital cameras and DSLR’s I was in awe as to why they would risk it falling in the Lagoon so was happy that my digital camera was safe in the bag.

We did test the Aquapac before putting my digital camera in and it didn’t let in water so we were happy that it would be safe. At the beginning it took really nice and clear pictures but after a while the inside began to steam and the pictures were no longer clear but fuzzy and cloudy. The desiccant sachets that were included clearly did not work and I was left disappointed.

The problem is that many people will buy the Aquapac when they go snorkelling but unless it is a cool place the bag will steam and the pictures will not come out nice. So unless you need a splash proof bag buy an underwater camera instead as the pictures will come out better, the Aquapac is a disappointment.