Babies r us car seat fitting Stevenage

I recently had to go to Roaring Meg retail park in Stevenage as they also have a Babies r us there I decided that if it wasn’t too busy then I would have my chosen car seat fitted to see that it is compatible with my car and that I would be able to use it with ease. I had decided to go for a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat and the Easyfix base that has Isofix points so it could stay in the car and I could just get the car seat in and out without fiddling with the seat belt. As I also have a small car (Nissan Micra) with only 3 doors it made sense and I found that it was justified spending a little extra on the base.

On average the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat costs £125 and the base £120 but there are places where you can get it cheaper such as Halfords and other online retailers. When I went to Babies r us the car seat was priced at £125 and the base £120. After checking the range they had in-store I found that it was very limited if I wanted to purchase there and then. They only had two colours available black or red.

I found a lady who was happy to help and she carried the car seat and base to the car so I could see if it fitted, she explained what she was doing and the different ways to make sure it was installed correctly. As I am using the base with the car seat it simply clicks into place but if I wanted to use the car seat in a car using the seat belt system it was demonstrated and I was confident I would be able to manage should I need to do it myself. The assistant who showed me how to fit it was very knowledgeable and didn’t once try and push me into buying it there and then; I was then free to decide what I wanted to do.

I also couldn’t decide between the Cabriofix car seat and the Pebble but I found two assistants who were willing to explain the difference. I was glad that despite all the stories I heard about retail assistants not knowing much about the shop that they work in I was able to find knowledgeable and friendly staff that were only too happy to help.

I did feel a little bad that after the car seat had been fitted I didn’t actually go on to purchase it but I found it £50 cheaper elsewhere and didn’t want to mess around with ‘price matching’. I recommend having your car seat fitted at Babies r us as I found them to be very good and also know what they are talking about; it made my decision so much easier.