Baby powder puffs and poms

Back when I was a child I remember that my mother always used to put powder on me and my siblings, we all had our own pots with a powder puff. Nowadays it’s extremely difficult to find fluffy powder puffs let alone the container of talc it comes with.

15 years ago all mothers used baby powder on their children but now it seems that talcum powder is not safe to use on young children. The argument is that there are similar components in talc that are linked to asbestos. If this is so why do they continue to sell baby powder in the Johnsons baby range? Talcum powder is said to affect the lungs and lead to asthma and eczema, me and my siblings had powder put on everyday and we are all fine.

It’s funny how scientists keep finding out more and more things that are bad for us when they did little or no harm 10 years ago. So going back to powder puffs there seems to be a very small amount of suppliers that still sell powder puffs and containers. It sounds silly but when did they suddenly go out of fashion?

Years ago women also used to apply powder using a fluffy powder puff, you’ll be lucky if you can spot one  on the high street as they are not so much stocked anymore. There are a few premium brand beauty manufacturers that do such as Prada, Estee Lauder and a less expensive alternative is Benefit. With Benefit you get a small container and a fluffy powder puff that is full of small glitter particles. It is expensive at £20 a pot but you can refill it using powder or glitter for special occasions or days out.

Powder puff for babies
I am expecting my first child and could not imagine not putting powder on my baby so my hunt for the old fashioned powder puffs began; I was disappointed when I could not find them on the high street so I was forced into searching on the internet. Unfortunately they all come from China now and finding a store in the UK that sells them are very difficult. I didn’t want to risk it by ordering online from some dodgy site so I went on to eBay. I was delighted to find what I was looking for and with the peace of mind that I have buyer protection I purchased one, the delivery is slow from 11-15 days but when it came it was well worth it. Plus it cost me less than £10 including shipping!

I know it sounds silly to go to such lengths to buy a baby powder puff but I was really determined to get one. I think its personal choice whether or not you listen to doctors as they are always advising against this and that but at the end of the day only you know what’s best for your child.