babytimelondon review

As I approach my due date I have saved all my large and expensive purchases towards the end. Items that may need returning such as travel cot, baby swing, crib and car seat. I am quite a savvy shopper and have ordered pretty much everything you can think of over the internet, diamonds, clothes electrical goods and even furniture from Germany. But I always shop with trusted retailers or do some research before ordering from a website that is new to me.

So having a baby is expensive, we all know that but all pregnant women love to shop for their little one, if it’s possible and affordable then most will buy everything new whilst some may struggle and have to opt for borrowed or second-hand goods. Those who are expecting their first child usually go and buy everything new, like me, but after some experience and then expecting a second child most people realise what they actually need and what isn’t considered and essential item. So with so many online websites offering good deals how do you know which ones to trust?

I recently found a Graco travel cot priced at £100 at well known high street retailers but priced just £69.50 on one website named I was intrigued by the possibility that I could potentially be saving over £30 as delivery was also included. I saved the website in my bookmarks and continued looking, I then found the next cheapest to be on eBay at £81.95 including delivery. I decided to go with babytime as I would save the most money but as I decided to add it to my basket I found that there was no such option.

I then did a little research to find that had gone to administration in 2008 but we are now in 2011! The website still hasn’t been taken down but in March 2011 it stopped taking online orders after so many complaints and trading standards getting involved. It would seem that over the last few years babytimelondon have continued to accept orders with no intention of honouring them. Customers who placed orders were not able to contact the company after no emails were replied to and the phone number listed just continued to ring. If you were wise enough to pay by credit card then you can take it up with the credit card company and get your money back but if you paid by debit card then it would be much harder to recover the money.

I wouldn’t have been able to place an order if I wanted to but I’m glad that I did a little research because if it was a few weeks ago I would have been left out of pocket. In general I only use a credit card for payment for orders over £100 just like much of the nation but after I ran into problems with Kiddicare last month for an order worth nearly £250 I have learnt my lesson.

If you come across and wonder why it’s so cheap it’s because it went into administration years ago. Although you can no longer order items online they still have a shop and you can get a refund if you have been one their online victims. Beware of dodgy websites that look too good to be true and do some research first if you really want to purchase something from them.