B&Q 46cm Kettle Charcoal Barbeque – Review

Over the last few days the weather has certainly improved, so much so that having a barbeque seemed the norm. Seen as we don’t have one we decided to buy one and put it to good use, we wanted one that was easy to store and that we could also take to the beach. As the weather forecasters are also predicting that this year will not be a washout and that summer will be a month longer I’m hoping to get my moneys worth before the summer is over.

Gas BBQ vs charcoal BBQ?
My husband wanted a gas barbeque whereas i wasn’t so fussy, after doing a little research i found that the most commonly used gas for barbeques is propane gas which is widely available and also available at B&Q and Homebase. We decided to go to B&Q to take a look and see if we could take advantage of the 15% off BBQ’s that weekend. We found one that was reduced but it was quite large and the only way to store it was to leave it out and cover it which would look slightly odd in our immaculate garden. I decided to enquire about the propane gas that it needed for the BBQ to take place. The B&Q advisor told me that the bigger canister cost £25 but we would also have to pay another £25 to rent it, when you no longer want a refill and the gas canister is empty only then will you get the deposit back.

The other thing about gas for barbeques is when it finishes and you are in the middle of cooking what happens? Most people only have one gas canister at a time due to the rental cost so in the end we opted for B&Q’s 46cm Kettle Charcoal Barbeque. It was actually a little bigger than the gas one selling for near £60 but for a bargain price of £24.48 and also small enough to fit in the boot of the car for when we go for a day down at the beach. Assembly was easy and the barbeque was over within half an hour!

It cooks really well and comes with its own lid so theres no need to cover it, its also small enough to store in the shed. Overall it was a very good buy and well worth the money!