Buying cheap memory foam mattress

When I bought my house I knew that my bedrooms would have memory foam mattresses and pillows. I suffer from a bad back and the reviews and feedback I have gotten from friends who own them have been very good. I have tried all the mattresses available on the market including the so called ‘orthopaedic’ mattress but it still didn’t help. I had a colleague who once spent £5,000 on just a mattress because she thought it would help her get a good night’s sleep. It lasted no more than a year before she had to replace it. Like most people I enjoy getting a good night’s sleep and if I don’t I get cranky, also as I suffer from a bad back the thought of waking up in the morning all twisted and sore would really ruin my day.

Choosing a memory foam mattress?
When I decided that a memory foam mattress was for me I went to all the major furniture and mattress shops to see what the retail price was and to try them out. It turns out that the mattress would cost more than the actual bed frame and this was the case everywhere I went. The cheapest memory foam mattress I saw in the larger stores were no less than £200, they were also thinner than the standard mattresses and I would also have to pay delivery. Memory foam mattresses also come in grades of firmness so you can get a softer or firmer mattress depending on your needs, just like spring mattresses. The mattress I wanted was retailing £900 or more but the bed frame I wanted was only £120, it seemed silly and outrageous but I was determined that I could find the same thing cheaper.

Buying a memory foam mattress cheap
I searched online as I know all the shops were over charging but even then some internet sites were charging silly prices for delivery. In the end I found somewhere that I could buy the mattress that I needed at a fraction of the price that included delivery and two free memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows on their own retail from £50 so to get them free with a mattress seemed perfect. The mattress cost £120 with two pillows and free delivery. I know what you are thinking, ‘there’s no way it was the same as a £900 mattresses, but how many people really know the difference? Memory foam mattresses are all made the same way with the same materials the difference in price is in who manufactured it and where it came from. If you buy one from Dreams you are being over charged but if you buy from the source you pay factory prices and this is what I did.

You can buy a good quality memory foam mattress without paying over the odds you just need to shop around, read reviews and make sure it’s a trusted company before you buy. If you buy online then make sure that you can return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations or you don’t like it. As memory foam mattresses are vacuum packed they are rolled up into a log shape and once you open it, it will unravel into a mattress and plump up. Some places will not allow you to return it if you have already let all the air out the vacuum seal, so check first.