Cosatto Easi Peasi changer review

I’ve never been a fan of baby baths they take up too much room and look very dangerous. In the last stages of pregnancy I have found that I am not as strong as I thought I was, so to have a baby bath that I would need to fill and move from room to room was just not an option for me. Also when I moved into my house years ago my partner and I made the decision to take out the bath as we didn’t really use it, we never really took into account that we may have a child so buying support to put into the bath was also not an option.

Luckily I came across changing units that have both a changing mat and a hidden bath underneath, I thought they were a fantastic idea combing the two, thus saving on room and expense. A changing unit that is both portable and has many storage compartments are a must for any family whether it’s your first or last. The changing unit is a good height so you don’t have to worry about bending down too much and there is more than enough room to store nappies, wipes, toiletries and more. As there are a few on the market it’s worth checking them all out before making a decision.

Cosatto Easi Peasi changer Zuton
To be honest I was set on getting the ‘I love my bear’ changing station from Babies r us for £100 but after waiting 3 months it’s still out of stock and isn’t due for delivery until at least July! My little one is due any day now and I really need a changing unit before baby is born, the Easi Peasi changer by Cosatto was my next option. The price range varied a lot which was ridiculous I found it for as little as £75 or as silly as £130, I paid £90 for mine including delivery as it’s not really available in high street stores.

There are three colours available pink, blue and a neutral one, as I don’t know the sex of my baby and intend on using it for my future babies I went for the neutral one called Zuton. What is so great about Cosatto’s Easi Peasi changer, well it already tells you in the name, it does it all. There is a padded mattress for changing the baby that also has raised sides, a bath that is concealed underneath with a drainage tube, wheels that are lockable, a net bag for dirty clothes and plenty of storage trays for everything baby will need. I have so far put in all my essential baby toiletries such as powder, shower gel, creams, shampoo, baby oil, grooming tools and also nappies, wipes and cotton wool and I still have room for more stuff!

I am not sure how long I will be able to use the bath for as babies do grow quick but I know I will get my monies worth from it, it’s also easy to clean and move from room to room so there’s no need to lift the bath fill and bring it back to the unit. Cosatto also offer a free 4 year guarantee so that helps! Another reason why I chose this changer was because although I want a natural birth you never know what can happen so if I was to have a caesarean I know I will be able to cope as there is no need to keep bending.

It was well worth the money for me and although it is plastic it is very sturdy and blends into the room well, if it being an eye sore is the reason you are hesitating then throw a sheet over it but trust me when I say it is a life and back saver!