Faith shoes review

Having just bought my winter wardrobe I convinced my husband I desperately needed boots to go shopping in Oxford Street. I wanted to look nice in my new clothes so went off to Faith to find some new boots. I didn’t want boots with a high heel as I would be walking all day so I narrowed the selection down to two. I tried each of them on but hubby wasn’t very helpful. My first choice was sort of like a biker style leather boot with a buckle around the ankle; it had no heel and was very comfortable. My other choice was a suede boot that was a bit pointy with a low heel; it was very nice and would look nice with a dress or jeans. They did pinch a bit I put this down to them being new. The biker boots were £110 and the suede boots were £60 I went with the suede boots as they were very pretty.

The next day I got ready for a long day shopping in the city of London I wore a jumper dress and my new suede boots from Faith. After walking around for a few hours my feet started to hurt, I left home at 10am and by 2pm in the afternoon my feet felt like they were bleeding. As I had tights on I couldn’t check the state of my feet so I just carried on. Eventually at 6pm I couldn’t walk anymore and hade to but new boots. I ended up in Barrats and found boots similar to my first choice in Faith they were only £50 but were real leather. I bought them and wore them out the shop.

On arriving home I took off my tights to find blisters all over my little toe. It has since been four days and they are still there, I can’t wear enclosed shoes and my blisters are very painful. I have tried everything to make my blisters go away but they are very stubborn. I should have listened to my instinct and gone for comfortable rather than pretty. It will be awhile yet before I will wear my boots again.

I would not advise buying boots from Faith they were ill fitting, uncomfortable and very painful!