Garden centres in Hertfordshire – Review

After buying my house the garden needed a makeover so I set out to find all the local or recommended garden centres in Hertfordshire. My neighbour who is much older than me and absolutely adores her plants advised me on a few places not too fat from where I live. I decided to visit them all before I purchased any plants and flowers. I prefer to buy everything in one place as you can’t keep track of how much you’re spending if you buy from loads of different places. I took my mum with me and off we went to check out the Garden Centres in Hertfordshire.

What garden centres are there in Hertfordshire?

The first thing that strikes me is there aren’t that many to begin with but they are scattered all over the place so we planned our journey and visited them all on the same day.
Aylett Nurseries in St Albans – this was the closest to me and had the most extensive collection of bulbs of all colours and varieties to purchase. As there are always on offer you can’t complain too much about the price. Since I have a really big garden the prices there for everything is outrageous! The staff was friendly and they did have some nice flowers and plants but I just couldn’t believe what they were charging.
Wyevale in Codicote Garden Centre – this garden centre was impressive in terms of presentation and range but again massively overpriced. They didn’t seem to have the lesser known varieties of plants and flowers they were all too common. The garden centre is never busy; this might be because of their prices!
Nottcutts Garden Centre in St Albans – although they had an impressive range of bedding plants and friendly staff, there were still some of the most sought after plants that they did not stock. Prices were also very silly.

All of the garden centres in Hertfordshire seem to be very overly priced, there are certain things like different variety of roses and fruits like grapes that are hard to find. Due to be a very picky and hard to please person I prefer to select and buy all my plants and flowers for my garden but after visiting them all I was left very disappointed.

I do have a very large garden so this may have an impact on my decision to buy certain plants for example it will cost a minimum of £80 just to buy tulips for my driveway and entrance to my house. Imagine how much it would cost to buy for a garden 5 times as big. In the end I went to good old Crews Hill in Enfield. It has everything and more, if you can’t find what you’re looking for you just pop into the local nursery next door it is fantastic. Buying all my plants in Hertfordshire would’ve cost me in excess of £2,000 but by bulk buying in Crews Hill I only spent £1,200 making a saving of £800 which went on a well deserved outdoor furniture set and barbeque.

I wouldn’t recommended any of the garden centre in Hertfordshire but try local nurseries and even supermarkets that tend to be cheaper for the same product. It’s also worth looking on the internet as you can buy rare roses and plants that are not usually available in a garden centre and if you are lucky to find it you will pay over the odds.