Graco Travel Cot Contour Electra review

As I live in a fairly big house I wanted a secure area that I can keep my child safe and entertained, so when I came across Graco’s travel cot range I was very impressed. They are much better than the previous travel cots as they are ‘multifunctional’. I say this because I recently purchased the Graco Travel Cot Contour Electra and as well as being a travel cot it has a raised bassinet for babies and also a changing table that is detachable.

This is the reason I chose this particular travel cot as I could have a changing station both upstairs and downstairs saving me the trouble of going up and down all day. The raised bassinet is also a clever idea as the baby can use it for nap times during the day while helping you not bend so much as it is raised. When the baby can sit up then it’s time to take out the raised bassinet and use a play area. Due to having mesh sides it is very safe so baby can be seen at all times and will not suffocate.

I loved the idea of having a changing table though it will only be used for a short time as babies grow up quickly and the table will not support the weight. It will also be dangerous as babies get older and start to move around more. Unfortunately there isn’t much choice when it comes to choosing a colour as they tend to be very dull and grey. I managed to get the Hedgerow colour scheme as my house is very neutral and I don’t know the sex of the baby yet. If you are looking for more colour schemes then take the time to search the internet as there seems to be exclusive colours for certain retailers.

The cot also has a vibrating mattress to soothe little ones in the bassinet, music, night light and soft toy bar. So hopefully when its nap time or I need to cook and clean there is plenty to keep baby entertained. I also loved how easy it is to close and move around, I can take it when I visit family and friends as it comes in a handy carry case. Going on holiday is also no longer a problem as baby can use it up to the age of three so if you go to a place that doesn’t supply a cot or extra bed for a child you can bring your own.

Setting up the travel cot was a very hard task as the instructions are useless and not very informative, just pictures of what to do next. It took me and my partner 30 minutes to assemble but once we did it, it looked amazing. Also it looks much bigger when you have it assembled, just waiting for baby to get here so we can use it. We might also get the Graco Travel Cot Petite Bassinet for when baby is at grandparents house, it can stay there permanently as we already have the larger version.