Interlink deliveries review

As a recent customer with Kiddicare I wanted to share my experience of waiting for Interlink to deliver my order. Kiddicare has been using Interlink as their courier for deliveries for some years now with next day delivery for orders placed before 5pm and delivered within a time slot as standard. So gone are the days where you have to wait in all day for a delivery, interlink sends you a text message on the morning of delivery and tells you your one hour time slot so you can make sure someone is home at that time for the delivery and you are still free to carry on your normal daily tasks.

I placed my order in a Thursday afternoon and my order was approved, later that evening I received an email and a text message to inform me that my delivery would take place the following day (Friday) and that I would get a text message in the morning to let me know my time slot. At 7.30 am the next morning I did get a text advising me that my delivery would take place 12.39-13.39 but if I wanted to reschedule then to call up and change it hassle free. I decided to leave it and waited; my time slot came and went. 10 minutes later I got a text message to say ‘sorry we missed you’ I was fuming! How could they miss me if they never came! I didn’t get a standard card through the letter box advising me that I missed my delivery but a lazy text from the courier who couldn’t be bothered or was running behind in his deliveries. I paid nearly £250 for my order so why wasn’t it a priority!

I called them up but interlink operate an automated service only, so I was forced to contact Kiddicare who my order was with, they managed to contact them and said the courier would call me within the hour and will try to come back with my order. They never came and they never called back!

I understand that deliveries may not always run to time so why did they give me a time slot? I would have been perfectly happy to sit in and wait had they told me that they couldn’t guarantee a time. That is what makes it even more frustrating, making promises that can’t be kept. I have also found that Interlink is a very bad provider when it comes to deliveries, forums are buzzing with irate customers who have waited all day for the delivery to not take place.

If you are ordering anything from an online retailer check to see who the courier is and if it is Interlink, don’t buy from them! If you are a company that relies on customers coming back then do not get a contract with Interlink as you will lose thousands in cancelled orders and negative reviews.