Kiddicare review

Since last year I have been researching and bookmarking my favourite products that I would like to purchase when I start my family. One year later and I am now 31 weeks pregnant, I always knew that this would be the perfect time for me to do all my baby shopping as I found it unnecessary to start any earlier. Before I was pregnant I came across Kiddicare and found the prices to be competitive and products to be unique and well sought after. Now that I was ready I decided to order many of my items from them in one transaction rather than buying one or two items here and there.

What I ordered from Kiddicare
I purchased a Closer to Nature starter kit £99.99
Closer to Nature breast pump £18.95
Changing station £99.99
Sleeping bag £12.99
Cuddle robes £9.95
Socks £2.95
Total: £244.82

Everything that I bought I needed for the baby and with free delivery for orders over £70 it was an added bonus, but even if I had to pay the £4.95 for delivery it would’ve been fine because I saved £10 on the breast pump so it would’ve evened out.

I got an email to say that the order had gone through and delivery would be the following day, 7.30am the day after I placed my order I received a text message to say that my delivery slot was 12.39 – 13.39. As Friday is the day I do my weekly grocery shopping I waited for the delivery before going out. The time came and went and there was no delivery, a few minutes after my allocated time slot I got a text message to say that they were sorry they missed me and to call and re-arrange delivery.

I was fuming both me and my husband were home and waiting and never did a van pull up on my street! It was bullsh*t! I called up to speak to someone from the courier company (interlink) but it was all automated, I didn’t want to re-arrange delivery as they never came in the first place I wanted to speak to the manager to let them know that no-one ever came.

After being unsuccessful I called Kiddicare customer services and explained what happened, they asked if a card was left and I said no, no-one has been. The customer service representative kept me on hold while she tried to contact Interlink, when she got back to me she said that they were trying to get hold of the driver and they would call me within the hour. I knew that they wouldn’t call or come back with my order to so I went out anyway. I never did get a card through the door and the courier never did call me back! I wasted a day waiting for my parcels after spending £244.82!

I was very angry with the courier so decided it wasn’t good enough for the amount of money that I paid so I called up the next day, explained what had happened and cancelled the order. Never once did they try to convince me to keep the order and they were happy to see the £244.82 refunded! I have since done a search online and found many customers complaining of the same thing that has happened to me, Kiddicare has been aware of this problem for some time and have still refused to resolve it.

My conclusion is they either never had my delivery to begin with or they didn’t have enough time to get to me so they lied and made it look like they came and went. I will never use Kiddicare again as they don’t really care about any money they are losing. I understand that my case is probably just one in the thousands that experienced problems but I find that for nearly £250 that I paid in goods I wasn’t treated better. I didn’t spend the minimum for free delivery I bought all that I needed regardless, I’m glad I didn’t buy anymore as I would’ve been even more disappointed. If you want to save money I suggest eBay and Amazon not Kiddicare!