Morph baby carrier Mama’s and Papa’s

As the countdown begins I only have 6 weeks left until my estimated due date, from the very beginning of my pregnancy I was unsure whether or not I should buy a pram, costs vary but I couldn’t decide between Quinny, Bugaboo and Stokke. All three cost in excess of £600 with Stokke coming in at over £900. Seems like an awful lot to pay for a young child to be pushed around in, we also have a small car (Nissan Micra) with only 3 doors and are very reluctant to buy a new one for the sake of a child. We only use the car once a week to do our weekly shopping so to upgrade to a bigger car would seem silly.

When I was 5 months pregnant I decided that it wasn’t really necessary to purchase a pram and decided to start looking into baby carriers instead. Baby carriers can start from as little as £25 and go up to £150 so we would save a lot by opting for this as our baby’s mode of transportation instead. The first problem I encountered when looking for a baby carrier was finding one that wasn’t too feminine as I wanted my husband to also be able to share the load. There are too many ‘close’ baby carriers that use the method that women in India and Africa use to carry their baby, a little like a baby sling. I couldn’t imagine my husband wearing one of these.

I also needed something that was easy to put on by myself without the help of others as there may be a time when I need to go out with baby alone without dragging my husband along. I did look at the Babybjorn carriers but there are too many to choose from and I am unsure how much I will actually use it. Then I came across Morph baby carrier by Mama’s and Papa’s.

Morph baby carrier
I like Mama’s and Papa’s but find that their products are very expensive compared to other baby shops, their stores are even worse. They have too much staff that stand around gossiping rather than helping out customers and their maternity range is the worst on the market. When I came across Morph I was intrigued as their method made much more sense than other carriers on the market. After doing some research I was satisfied that it would be worth the cost of £90, the downside is they don’t have much choice of trendy colours. The colours available are, Lime yellow, Khaki green, Grey and Plum, this is my interpretation of their colours and not what they are actually called.

When I went to order off the website the two yucky ones yellow and khaki were on offer of the week for £30 less at £60 so we decided to save £30 and went for the very unfashionable khaki. I originally wanted to get the grey one as it was better in my opinion but for the sake of saving £30 I went for khaki. To my surprise when my order came a few days later I received the grey one, but as it was still priced as £90 on the website I decided to keep it as I was only charged £60.

There are two different sized harnesses S/M and M/L luckily me and hubby both fall into the M/L measurements so it meant that we didn’t need to spend a further £35 for a different harness. It is a little fiddly to adjust it and the instructions are very useless! After 10 minutes I managed to put it on myself and attach the pod, I practiced with a teddy and it seems doable for one person to do without any help. I then got my husband to try it and he too managed to get it on with minimal help.

It is a good idea but I find that it can be improved, the harness straps stick out too much and there is no way of tucking it in and the pod looks badly designed. I may be wrong so I’ll have to wait at least 6 more weeks to find out. Overall I am happy with the Morph carrier and the baby can be put in the pod and then in the car seat so you don’t need to worry about that when going out.

Hopefully the Morph carrier will be as expected and I won’t need a pram, but if I do need to buy a pram I have got the maxi cosi car seat so have many different options to convert into a pram should I need to.