Mothercare review

A recent article in the newspaper the other day highlighted the 50th year of trading for Mothercare. If you are a parent then the chances are you already know that Mothercare has been around for some time, offering competitive price and exclusive offers and products both in-store and online. A lot has changed over the years as 50 years ago mothers stayed home with their children until they started going to secondary school whereas nowadays mothers are forced to go back to work within a year as financially most cannot afford to stay out of work for too long.

I remember the days when I used to go to Mothercare to buy presents for friends and family members that were expecting, now 5 years later I am expecting my very first baby so like many women turned to Mothercare to buy all my baby essentials. I prefer to do all my shopping online and pop into the store only if I need to check things such as quality and appearance other than that I happily purchase everything from the comfort of my own home.

As my due date approaches (5 weeks to go) I have left the car seat, and other small essential items for the last shop. When I went online I was very surprised to see how many items are very expensive even the car seat was £50 more than other places I have seen but they had the muslin cloths and swaddle blankets that I so desperately wanted.

I arranged a day to go to my closest store in Stevenage to have the car seat fitted and check out some of the other items I needed such as a cardigan for the baby as I had seen a unisex one online. The Mothercare store in Stevenage is fairly big with a large selection of baby clothes, maternity clothes, prams and car seats but what I wanted couldn’t be found. The swaddle blankets I had seen online were not in the store and the same went for the cardigan. I found an alternative cardigan but for a baby 0-3 months it cost £18! I didn’t want to pay so much for something that was ‘own brand’ and not designer. I ended up buying a beautiful knitted cardigan from eBay for £3!

There wasn’t much staff in-store so I’m glad I had my car seat fitted elsewhere! I wanted to purchase the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat and the Isofix base but found it was very expensive; it would’ve cost me £250 if I bought it with Mothercare. Luckily I waited and bought it elsewhere and saved myself £50.

Mothercare price promise guarantee
When I found the car seat I wanted on Mothercare’s website I was horrified to find it cheaper on at least 10 other websites so was undecided on what to do. I wanted to purchase it from a reputable company but I also didn’t want to pay over the odds for it. I found that Mothercare have a price promise guarantee and that they would match the price of any product I found. I called up customer services to check and it was explained to me by a very friendly customer service assistant.

I was told that I could print out the cheaper price from the online website and bring it into the store and purchase the item or I could do it over the phone. I could phone and tell them which website I had seen the product cheaper and they would match it, plus if the difference was more that £20 I would get a £10 Mothercare voucher. I found it was too much hassle for me as I ended up saving less with the products I needed at Boots but if ever you were in the same situation its worth a try.