Pearls Only review – UK

As we all know ladies love pearls nearly as much as they do diamonds. Pearls will retain their value and if looked after properly can last forever. Knowing how to spot a good quality pearl is hard and unless you have experience in this field you couldn’t recognise a fake even if it was staring you in the face.

Buying pearls online
Most people will prefer to buy pearls, diamonds and clothes in a shop rather than online but did you know you can make substantial savings buying online and better from the supplier directly. Cutting out the middle man will bring costs down as a shop will buy pearls cheap and then add a hefty profit on it for when it comes to selling. If you choose to buy online make sure it is an accredited company holding a Jewellery Professional Diploma and with most pearls you get a certificate authenticating the pearls value. Having certified jewellery not only gives you piece of mind should you need to sell it to raise some money but also proof if you need to make an insurance claim.

Buying pearls from Pearls Only UK
My partner was the first to discover this website and treated me to my very first Tahitian pearl pendant for my 22nd birthday. I like to be different and he made the right choice by choosing a Tahitian pearl, all my work colleagues are much older than me so they knew that Tahitian pearls are expensive and well sought after. Unfortunately my colleagues have never had the chance to own good quality pearls and after I told them about Pearls Only they are now proud owners of lovely pearls.

After this my husband bought me Japanese Akoya pearl earrings, they do match my Tahitian pearl necklace but there is a slight difference if you look closely. Again my partner made the right choice as they are beautiful.

What I like about Pearls Only is they have fantastic customer service, delivery and products. Due to high demand for some bespoke products they do give you an average delivery time so you can plan ahead and purchase in good time. Pearls Only also offer a gift wrap service and a little message if it’s a present for someone. They also sent an email when the pearls were being dispatched so we could look out for them. As part of being a valued customer with Pearls Only they remember you and give you further discounts when purchasing more products.

Pearls only also include a little pouch that is used to preserve pearl quality and prevent scratches, as a bonus you can also get a free gift depending on how much you spend. In the past I have gotten a pearl necklace and earrings. Remember to wear pearls every now and again to allow them to breathe as keeping in a pouch can also affect quality.